It was all that it was Cracked up to be

Cracked Egg
7660 W Cheyenne Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89129
(702) 395-7981

1. Coffee Cake – so sweet i got a sugar high with one bite. i think sugar/cake lovers will like it. it was moist, crumbly and sugary sweet
2. Tropical French Toast – toasty coconut covered french toast with bananas. mmm mmmmm
3. Chicken fried steak – crispy fried chicken with oooey gooey gravy-liiciousness
4. My personal creation of utter fatty fat fattiness – cheddar, bacon and corned beef hash omelette. do u see the fat glistening off the melty cheese? omg. i could not finish this, or else i would’ve been in a massive food coma. oh so cheesy, oh so fatty! *droolllllllll. the hash browns were really tasty, too, because they were super crispy and infused with butterliciousness.

Other dishes….. *forget the names – a deep fried sandwich/french toast thingy with ham and cheese good for those salty and sweet luvers, and huevos rancheros for the meat luvers

Cracked Egg - Coffee Cake Cracked Egg - Tropical French Toast Cracked Egg- Bacon, Cheddar and Corned beef hash omelette Cracked Egg - Chicken Fried Steak

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