Juicy Dumplings at Bund Shanghai

Bund Shanghai
3545 S Decatur Blvd Ste A
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Neighborhood: Chinatown
(702) 272-1777


The unexpected location of this restaurant surprised us. It’s nestled in between a gas station and other industrial looking stores. Weird location? Didn’t stop us from going. Noodles and dumplings are a major weakness of mine, so upon finding out that this new place served juicy pork dumplings/xiao long bao, we were there. Service was friendly for even American standards, and they even checked in on us a few times and asked why didn’t finish our onion pancakes (more on that later).

I was jonesing for some fresh soy milk, but they had ran out of it. Oh well, stick with good ol’ cleansing hot tea. On to the food!

Thick Fried Noodles Cong You Bing - Onion Pancake XLB XLB 2

Juices NIbble

1. Thick Fried Noodles – Chewy noodles, essence of wok hei and savory flavors of soy sauce. This seemed more like a Ameri-nese (a la Panda Express), but adding in some vinegar and hot sauce, we were happily slurping all the noodles.
2. Onion Pancakes – We enjoyed the overall crispiness, but what was lacking was more flaky layers. Concerned, they asked us why we did not finish the pancakes, we had to lie that we were too full to eat it, but truly, even if we were full, our gluttonous selves would have made room had it been more flaky.
3. Xiao Long Bao/Juicy Pork Dumplings – Clear, flavorful juice, thin chewy skin. Impressive for the Las Vegas area. As always, we must compare to famous Din Tai Fung, the skin wasn’t as thin an membranous and the volume of broth was less voluminous.

Conclusion: For the Las Vegas area, it’s not bad. Overall, it’s certainly not the best, but this will do for my XLB cravings.

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  1. I wonder if they are related to the one over here in the City? If so I highly recommend the soy braised upper leg… I just love XLB!

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