Kaya Korean Seafood Grill

(2009.03.31 – haven’t been back after another visit…. food has just been average….. )

Kaya ??… a reopening from bar to restaurant. On the menu, it was classified as a seafood grill? I dunno, but whatever restaurant it is, it was tasty. It reminds me of a fusion Korean grill and sushi bar. Again, I forgot to get a card, but it’s downstairs under the staircase right down from Cafe Noodle. =)

4355 Spring Mountain Rd (approximately, because this is cafe noodles’ addy)
Las Vegas NV 89102
Next to cafe noodle…

1. Seasoned Steamed Pork Belly – wrap this fat boi with veggies, some kimchi and pickled daikon. server said it’s one of the top sellers.
2. Lettuce wraps with fried soft shell crab – deep fried soft shell crab! can’t go wrong, ya?
3. Crispy Rice with Tuna on top (?) – i liked the crunchy texture of the crispy rice on the bottom
4. Hook up from the restaurant – strawberry and vanilla asian style sundae – the cornflakes and fresh fruit chunks made it pretty yummy. still doesn’t beat Honey Toast!

Other items that was just whatevers – Seared Hamachi Toro and beef tongue

seasoned steamed pork belly lettuce wraps crispy rice sundae

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