Korean Food Court

Island Stely Restaurants #2
6850 Spring Mtn Rd
Las Vegas NV 89146
(702) 443-7846

Craving some cold noodles for a hot day in Vegas, we ventured into the Korean food court in Greenland Market. I found my Mul Naeng Myun at “Island Stely Restaurant” (Copied spelling directly from the receipt ^_^*) and ordered it.

I think compared to other diluted broths at other Korean restaurants in the valley such as DJK and Mother’s, this Korean Cold Noodle (Mul Naeng Myun) was the best yet. However, keep in mind that we’re still in Vegas. The broth could still use some work when compared to what I had in K-Town. With those thoughts aside, the ice cold noodles were chewy and refreshing, and combine it with the crunchy, garlicky pickled vegetables and cold broth. Pretty decent, I must say. The panchan of kimchi (daikon and napa cabbage) was also well prepared. Can’t turn down garlicky panchan! Another plus, we could help ourselves to unlimited free barley tea!

Mul naengmyun

Conclusion: This place will do for my mul naeng myun fix, and we don’t have to drive all the way to Chinatown. 3/5 beeperoos.

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