Korean Meets Hawaiian

Harry’s Cafe
1101 Waimanu St
Honolulu, HI 96814
Neighborhood: Ala Moana
(808) 593-7798

Entrance Wall Menu

On a whim and looking for good breakfast grinds away from downtown Waikiki area, we found ourselves in this a neighborhood where tourists are definitely not milling around. Only means one thing – as Hawaiians would say ono grinds!

Guava Juice Butter on Toast

Our kind server (I’ll call Korean Mama) seemed to have a Korean accent and there was kimchi fried rice available for order, so I suspected some good ol’ korean mom cooking brewing back there somehow. Naturally, I ask to try my own off menu combination of Loco Moco Fried Rice with KIMCHI FRIED RICE! Hubby chose the not often seen combination of Corned Beef Hash Loco Moco, a patty of corned beef hash with fried egg, rice and ono-licious gravy. Our Korean Mama upon noting my request of kimchi fried rice and allowing me to combine it with my loco moco, also offered us their kimchi stew of the day!

Look at this!! Just look at this. Do I need to say more? The kimchi fried rice had the right amount of tangy unctiousness from the kimchi juices and combining it with the gravy and oozy yolk of the fried egg made it even better. All kinds of sauces tangy, salty and savory and warm rice makes for a great Hawaiian breakfast. Only complaint here was that the mac salad was on the overcooked side and a little too mushy for my taste.
Loco Moco Kimchi Fried Rice

I was weary that the Corned Beef Hash Loco Moco would be too salty, but we were pleasantly surprised. The gravy here is more on the mild side, so it balances well with the salty corned beef hash.
Corned Beef Hash Loco Moco

Conclusion: Hawaiian food made with the feel of homemade love. Will head back!

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