Kyara…. 2nd visit

6555 S Jones Blvd
Ste 120
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 569-4405

Now this was the visit I was wanting from the previous visit. Flavors were delicate, yummy and textures were there! For the first time, I thought that the bomb items would naturally come from the “special” menu, but this time, we went with the gut feeling and ordered more instinctively from the main menu. This time is was truly good.

Bonus appetizer:
*Deep fried yamaimo (Mountain Potato) – It was like eating delicate fries. The potato had tempura batter and very lightly salted. Crispy and delicious!

*Albacore w/Drew Special and Tuna Carpaccio- I’m going to group this dish with the Tuna Carpaccio in terms of flavor. Both had tangy sauce that complimented the tuna.
*Agedashi Tofu – Kyara makes a slighty darker and saltier sauce, but I appreciated the delicately fried tofu cubes.
*Eggplant Steak – This was on the saltier side, but I enjoyed it overall
*Butabara – Bacon slices on a stick!!!! Being the piggies that we are, we ordered one order each of the salt and soy sauce/terikyaki-ish versions. I’m a lover of most things greasy and bacon. This was a winner and the soy sauce version was the overall winner of the two.
*Kaisen Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard with seafood) – This was probably our favorite of the evening. The steamed egg custard was perfectly salty infused with the essences of the seafood within it. Slurped it all up.
*Chicken Garlic Ponzu – This is basically a super tender pice of chicken cutlet with my fav flavors of garlic and ponzu.
*Tori Meshi – soboro (seasoned ground chicken) with rice, hearty rice and seasoned chicken. Good!

Conclusion: I am warming up to Kyara. It’s definitely not Raku caliber Japanese tapas, but it will do if you forget to make a reservation for Raku.

Chicken Garlic Ponzu Tuna Carpaccio Tori Meshi Butabara Deep fried yamaimo Agedashi tofu Eggplant Steak

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  1. ooh I love chawanmushi… my mother used to make that for us when we were sick, so I always find it to be so soothing… that fried yamaimo sounds amazing!

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