Las Pupusas is NOT poo poo

I’m a sucker for ooey gooey cheesy and meaty. Go Las Pupusas. Woot!

Chain of 3, we went to the one on Craig:
955 W. Craig Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89032
(702) 648-6200

Here’s what went down in the tummy:
1. Empanadas – kinda sweet… maybe had to be in the mood for it, but for a hot summer day in vegas… that’s no go
2. Enchiladas con pollo – swish!
3. Las Cumientes – fried platanos, frijoles, scrambled eggs and massive spoonful of sourcream!
4. Dos Pupusas Revueltos (mixed) – frijoles, chicharone, and queso mix. picture a quesadilla but all the edges are sealed and it’s like a pocket of ooey gooey, cheesy goodness. cut into it and the mixture oozed out. chew it with the fresh corn/flour outer layer. *eyes rolllingggg. Do try with the salad mixture and sauce provided

empandaslas cumientesenchilada con pollopupusas revueltos

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