Little Village Noodle House

Little Village Noodle house
1113 Smith St
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 545-3008

Located in Honolulu’s Chinatown, this placed impressed me with solid good food, thoughtful interior and it was actually run by Chinese people! Ha ha!

Everything quite tasty, but just a little on the salty side. Of all the dishes we had, my fav was definitely the walnut shrimp. It was perfectly crispy with just the right amount of sauce. mmm mmm!

Szechuan spicy chicken – Good amount of heat
Black pepper beef – Tender beef slices with peppery punch
Volcano porkchops – Awesome display because it comes out in a foil pouch on fire! I would have preferred the porkchops to be crisper but they had a good salt and pepper taste.
Honey walnut shrimp – Bomb!
String beans with black beans – The black beans were a little too pungent for me, for I enjoy them stir fried with garlic more.
Chef chan’s special fried rice- Greasy-liciousness. My friend George also adds that it’s fantastic with the pepper sauce from the black pepper beef.

szechaun spicy chicken by cravingsofafatgirl black pepper beef by cravingsofafatgirl string beans and black bean sauce by cravingsofafatgirl volcano pork chops by cravingsofafatgirl walnut shrimp by cravingsofafatgirl chef chan's special fried rice by cravingsofafatgirl

Conclusion: Solid good Chinese food. Minus puntos for being too pungent on some dishes and not being perfect on texture. 3/5 beepz.

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