Pizza Antico
1093 Hemphill Ave NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 724-2333


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There are many ways to eat a slice of pizza. Some people like to fold it in half. Some people like to eat from the back end (crust) first. Some people like it front end first. Timing wise, there can be many ways to eat it, but at Pizza Antico, I think there is ONLY one way: RIGHT AWAY. Let me tell you why – the pizza gets incredibly soggy after sitting a while. The beautiful crusty, airy, light, chewiness of the pizza is LOST!

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So, if you are going to eat more than one pizza, let me suggest a possible logistical nightmare:
DON’T ORDER ALL YOUR PIZZA’s at ONE TIME. You need to time it just right so they come in succession. This might ruin it for people who want one flavor over the other, but think about what your pizza priorities are. Is it for the flavor or the texture? At Pizza Antico, these pies come out lighting fast, so take that into consideration and choose your battles wisely.

Pizza’s Tried – Bianca, Capricciosa, Margherita, Diavola. My favorite was the Bianca.

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