241 West Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas NV 89102-2591
(702) 227-5652

This is my first time at Lola’s and probably one of my few southern style restaurants, so despite other southern food experiences to compare, I liked it. It had a very cozy ambience with friendly service. Oh and how cute! Lola actually picked up the phone to take my reservation!

Here’s the spotlight on the food =)
1. Charbroiled Oysters – “Fresh Oysters charbroiled the Cresent City way, with lots of garlic, lemon and a blend of cheeses.” Usually I shy away from any cooked type of half shell oysters suspicious that it is the stuff that they’re trying to hide the unfreshness of with cooking it. However, I was pleasantly surprised with my favorite robust flavors of garlic and cheese and the lovely toasted slices of french bread
2. Crab Cakes – “Lump Crab in Lola’s special blend of spices, pan fried and served w/Lemon-garlic Aioli.” This is not the usual crab cake you’d expect. It seems to be 99% crab meat. Not crispy but very crab meaty.
3. Fried Oyster Po Boy on New Orlean’s French Bread fully dressed, meaning that it comes with all the slaw glory. I love po boys! I enjoyed the deep fried goodness of the oyster with the slaw a bam of hot sauce. bam bam!
4. Jambalaya with chicken, sausage and shrimp – fluffy flavorful rice
5. Etouffee – a cross between a roast and a gumbo. Gravylicious

crab cake by cravingsofafatgirl charbroiled oyster by cravingsofafatgirl fried oyster po boy by cravingsofafatgirl jambalaya by cravingsofafatgirl Etouffee by cravingsofafatgirl fried oyster po boy by cravingsofafatgirl

1. Louisiana chocolate sheath cake – the cake was very light but every bite was a chocolate dream. We made it a la mode with praline icecream and it was perfect!
2. Bananas Foster – loved the flavor, but hated the mushiness. I’ve had others where it wasn’t so mushy.

louisiana chocolate sheath cake by cravingsofafatgirl bananas foster by cravingsofafatgirl

Conclusion: Do I like it enough to go back? Perhaps, for the oyster po’ boy, it didn’t make me go banana ding dong, but it was tasty. Oh, and definitely I will have the chocolate cake, again.

p.s. Keep in mind portion sizes are more realistic rather than humongous American portions sizes. Expect well prepared food vs. over compensation with size.

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