Mesa Grill

Mesa Grill
Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89136
(877) 346-4642

Better late than never – I went to Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas last month to finally try out what this arrogant dood is all about. I dislike Bobby Flay for his arrogant attitude but his Mesa Grill was a very pleasant experience. Not that I doubted his skills as a chef, I just don’t like his TV personality, okay? 😉

1. WILD MUSHROOM QUESADILLA (White Bean Hummus + White Truffle Oil) – This was pretty cheese and truffletastic. Can’t really go wrong with that combination
2. TIGER SHRIMP + ROASTED GARLIC CORN TAMALE Corn-Cilantro Sauce – Great southwestern flavors!
3. GALA APPLE SALAD (Baby Spinach, Blue Cheese, Toasted Pecans +Spicy Orange Vinaigrette) – Great combo of sweet, salty and tangy.
4. SOUTHWESTERN SPICED DUCK BREAST (Carrot-Habanero Sauce Chorizo-Goat Cheese Tamale + Thyme Butter) – nice tender duck meat and great sauces. yum!
5. NEW MEXICAN SPICE RUBBED PORK TENDERLOIN Bourbon-Ancho Chile Sauce Sweet Potato Tamale + Crushed Pecan Butter – I found this dish to be kind of dry, but I am definitely biased. I tend to not like pork chops, tenderloins or any thick cut of non-bacon pork product.

Sorry that I’m missing a few pics…. missing some from my picture partner =P
GALA APPLE SALAD (Modified) by cravingsofafatgirl Wild Mushroom Quesadilla by cravingsofafatgirl

Conclusion: Great twist and fusion of the southwest, mexican with asian. Worth another try.

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