Naked Fish are so sexy!

Nah… not really sexy, but oh so dericious! I think this is the place to go for rolls. It’s not smothered with the yum yum sauce but something else ponzu-esque. p.s. although i question the freshness of any fish in vegas, the Toro was almost fantastic. very fatty.

Naked Fish
3945 S Durango Dr, Suite A6
Las Vegas NV 89147

I know. I know… I already blogged about it, but we can always re-visit oldies but goodies with pictures! =)

1. Gyoza – can’t hate the deepfried goodness
2. Red dragon – good ‘ol dragon roll dressed up with some tuna
3. Roppongi – deep fried tempura shrimp with tuna on top and ponzu-esque spicy sauce
4. Soft Shell Crab Salad – deep fried soft shell crab. ’nuff said
5. Hamachi/Yellowtail Collar – standard but good
6. GT-R! – JEE- TEE… ARRRUUUU… ahhahahahahhah…. japapeno, and spicy tuna. oishii!
7. Yellowtail Jalapeno – spicy with yellowtail
8. Ultimate Naked! – Avocado, shrimp, tempura shrimp. nom nom nom!

Dessert @ KONA GRILL!!!
1. ULTIMATE FUDGE BROWNIE – warm cakie giant brownie with a scoop of vanilla icecream. sugar high to the max
2. Banana Pudding – smooth banana pudding with merengue on top (?)

Gyoza Red Dragon Roppongi Soft Shell Crab Salad Hamachi Collar GT-R (gotta say it like you have a Japanese accent) Yellowtail Jalapeno Ultimate Naked Ultimate Fudge Brownie - Kona Grill Banana Pudding - Kona Grill

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