New York!

Rocco’s NY Pizzeria
10860 W Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(702) 796-0111

Overall, none of us were too impressed by Rocco’s. The crust had a nice chew, but it lacked a flavorful tomato sauce and enough cheese for the cheese lovers. The marinara sauce that came with the garlic knots, I suspect, is the same as what is used for the pizza. Also, watered down and lacked flavor. Props to them for the tasty garlic knots, but again, they struck out when we bit into the wings. They were too dry and too too tough. No bueno. 3 beeps out of 5.

DSC_0001 by cravingsofafatgirl DSC_0002 by cravingsofafatgirl DSC_0003 by cravingsofafatgirl sausage and pepperoni by cravingsofafatgirl mushroom pizza! by cravingsofafatgirl Medium buffalo wings by cravingsofafatgirl Garlic Knots by cravingsofafatgirl The slice thickness by cravingsofafatgirl

Conclusion: Good pizza dough, but it lacks in the flavor of sauce and amount cheese. If I could put Rosati’s pizza toppings on their dough, I be game. =)

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