Ngu Binh

Ngu Binh
14072 Magnolia St. No. 107,
Westminster, CA
(714) 903-6000

So, I’m going to skip on my own writing on this because LA Times Food section is more than sufficient for drool worthy imagery. Just read it and drool.,0,3606581.story

Here’s what we enjoyed:
No. 15, banh it kep banh ram (steamed rice cake stuffed in fried rice cake)
No. 1, bun bo hue dac biet (house special beef noodle soup); No. 13, Banh Bot Loc + Beo + Nam (rice cakes with shrimp and chicharonne like bits)
#13 Banh Bot Loc + Beo + Nam (thick rice cakes with shrimp and pork) – I actually like this better than the Banh Uot because it’s got more to chew on. =)
No. 17, Banh Uot Tom Chay + Cha, banh uot tom chay (rice sheets wrapped around ground shrimp) and sliced vietnamese meat loaf
drink No. 1, cafe sua da (iced Vietnamese coffee).

menu #17 Banh Uot Tom Chay + Cha #15 Banh It Kep Banh Ram #15 Banh It Kep Banh Ram #1 Bun Bo Hue Dac Biet

Conclusion: mmm mmm…. Texturegasm for Texture whore’s chewy senses and love for anything vietnamese. Not for a non-lover of vietnamese food. 4/5 beeps.

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