So, this past week I visited both establishment’s of Nora’s – Nora’s Cuisine and Nora’s Wine Bar. One was a winner and one was a total disappointment.

We’ll start with Nora’s Cuisine. The first ever time I tasted Nora’s, *cheezy alert* it totally brought me back to my first night dinner in Venice, Italy. The pasta was perfectly al dente and the sauce was just “sweet” enough from the tomatoes and not too salty at all just like all the sauces I had in Italy… ahhh… BUUUUUUUTTTT. On my last couple visits to Nora’s, one at lunchtime and one at dinnertime, the food was disappointing. I no longer got the perfectly cooked pasta and the perfect sauce. A lot of the dishes were a little too salty. Mushy and salty is nooo goooood. Although, I must admit that the calamari has still lived up to expectation – the strips of tender squid fried to a golden brown, served with a tangy sauce. Now, that’s good calamari. None of these chewy nonsense with overpowering batter.

So, pictured is decent garlicky yummerific bread, perfect calamari, too salty Chicken Marsala, and overcooked pasta that went with the Marsala
Accompanying Pasta Chicken Marsala Garlic Bread Calamari

NOW, FOR NORA’S WINE BAR. This was an overall yummy experience! salad’s were fresh and tasty with the accompanying light dressing. ham was not too salty. all pasta’s were cooked al dente. pizza crusts were nice and chewy and had a robust bread flavor. overall winners of the night – capellini with tomato and basil and penne alla vodka just because they were so simple in sauce and ingredients, but so well cooked and full of flavor! This meal did not bring me back to Italy like my first ever experience at Nora’s Cuisine on Flamingo, but it was defnitely satisfying. =) Good atmosphere, decent food and good company. can’t go wrong with that!

Here’s what we ate: sorry for the overexposed pictures, my pookie will soon be back in my arms from repair, (nikon d60 status as of yesterday – “shipped”)
Caesar Salad
Roasted Tomato & Basil – Capellini
Penne alla Vodka
Wood-roasted Mushroom PIzza
Veal Loin Marsala
Crepe Lasagna
Pork Siciliana
Margherita PIzza

Nora's Wine Bar Nora's Wine Bar Nora's Wine Bar Nora's Wine Bar Nora's Wine Bar Nora's Wine Bar Nora's Wine Bar Nora's Wine Bar Nora's Wine Bar Nora's Wine Bar

p.s. warm chocolate cake is tasty too! very rich and (very) sweet, so good for those craving days …

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