Ohmmmmm Ohmmmm mantra masala

Mantra Masala
8530 West Warm Springs Road
Las Vegas, NV 89113-3618
(702) 598-3663

Brenda did not enjoy Mantra Masala. However, I ate with Brenda L on the same exact day, and we happened to be at the same table eating the same thing! haha! Anyhoo, I think I totally had a different opinion of the food maybe because we had split all the dishes and they gave the birthday girl (me) the better cooked dishes?

1. Mussels Mantra – i thought that the mussels that I had were actually really juicy and tender. And the sauce! Oh the sauce! I totally wanted to mop it all up with the naan!
2. Padpi Chat – i didn’t love this dish but i appreciated the tangy flavors and the crunchy bread
3. Sea bass – I thought this was actually overcooked and dry
4. Chicken Tikka Masala – i had the specially prepared one with extra spiciness. loved it and it was not dry
5. Lamb Mantra – i enjoyed this dish a lot because it was actually really tender and not gamey at all
6. Dewane Handi – this spinach dish did not impress me much, and nor did I even remember eating it! haha!

Out of everything, the sea bass was my least favorite, and my favorites were between the tender lamb and the fluffy yet crusty nan bread! So good! From what I’ve experience, Indian food is always pricier than other foods, but being that I had such a good experience, I guess the price was fine to me.

Conclusion: I’m sorry that Brenda did not have as good of an experience as I did, but I was a happy camper! Going back for more. 4.5/5 beeperoos.

Sorry no pics due to birthday girl being to distracted by the food! nom nom nom. And, it was to dark as usual.

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