Omg.. Omakase

Aburiya Raku
(702) 367-3511
5030 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas NV 89146

Raku continues to impress each and every time. I took my fiancé for his birthday and chose the secret menu option of OMAKASE. Okay, okay, it’s not really secret, but I love calling unlisted menu options “secret”. I like pretend that I’m part of a secret foodie society of delicious food. My first visit a couple years back was perfect. This last visit just solidified how amazing Raku can be in terms of the consistency and quality of its food. It also helps that the service is always very efficient and friendly.

For omakase, there are three tiers to choose from $50/$75/$125. Being that it was it was for his birthday, I decided to go middle baller style – $75!

1. Saba/Mackerel Sashimi – Mackerel doesn’t have the same reputation of it’s fatty counterpart of Oh Toro, but leave it to Raku to take it up to to the highest notch of freshness. Just a tiny dab of wasabi and the tiniest dab of their house made soy sauce was the perfect combination of flavor.
2. Sashimi Salad with baby spinach, salmon, yellowtail – The best sashimi salad ever because the fish was perfectly fresh, the spinach perfectly crisp, the soy sauce dressing combined with deep fried onions (?) was texturally and flavor wise on point!
3. House Tofu (Chilled) with side of bonito flakes – We had this with a little bit of green tea infused salt. This was our least favorite of the night because we usually like our tofu with sauce, so it was a little dry for our tastes. However, for a purist tofu lover, this is probably a good dish to have this was pure soy goodness.
4. Clams – These were simply cooked in a clay pot. They were a bit on the salty side, but I definitely enjoyed the seafood enfused essence of the clam broth.
5. Unagi Salted and Unagi with light glaze of kabayaki sauce – Raku has introduced me to the true form of unagi. I think that I’ve been eating poor representations of unagi slathered in way too much kabayaki sauce, but this time I know I had the real thing! The dish consisted of delicately grilled fresh water eel, one side lightly salted, one side lightly glazed in kabayaki sauce. Fantastic.
6. Charcoal grill items (Mushroom skewers, Juicy chicken skewers, Pork cheek skewers, Kobe Beef skewers) – Premium ingredients with smoky flavors and not an ounce of dryness or chewiness!
7. Agedashi Tofu – This is our favorite at Raku, and it did not disappoint. It is their house made tofu deep fried and presented in their broth.
8. Raspberry Sorbet – I’m usually not a fruity flavor dessert kind of gal unless it’s fresh cut fruit, so I definitely did not enjoy this to the fullest. The sorbet was more icy than smooth, but definitely had some intense raspberry flavor.

Conclusion: Raku chews up other Japanese restaurants and spits them out kindly, politely and with flourish. They win hands down.

2 thoughts on “Omg.. Omakase

  1. Can you pls tell me what the difference is between the two, 15 course kaiseki and $125 omakase?

  2. Hey Lawrence! From my experience, the omakase series is a series of the freshest dishes of the day – some from the menu and some from the daily fresh menu. Kaiseki, though I have not tried it myself, seems like a more enhanced version of it. It will not feature dishes from your regular menu and specially created from the freshest seasonal ingredients. Think Omakase on steroids? =)

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