one more LA + some Hong Kong. Yip!

alright, i’m overseas right now, but i am still really excited about what i’m posting today – one more LA restaurant and some goodies from Hong Kong!

Sapp Coffee Shop
(323) 665-1035
5183 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90027

It’s a true hole in the wall in a yucky looking strip mall, but I love it! Anthony Bourdain ( and Noodle Whore like it. I like it, too! The thai boat noodle broth here is so concentrated that you can see the tiny bits of beef that is infused in it. It’s got a nice kick of spice and hint of lemongrass, along with all the other asian herbs thrown in there. Both B and I only got the regular one with just beef and noodles (#2), but I can imagine the #3 would be good, too, with extra tendon and tripe goodies. The thai iced tea was good, too – not too sweet and they even add a bit of crushed ice to make it extra icey =D
Condiments Thai Iced Tea Thai Boat Noodles Close Up


Lin Heung Tea House
160 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
2544 4556

So, we’ve been having dim sum + other tradition chinese breakfast for the past two days, and I’d just like to share with you the wonderful deliciousness (thank you for that word mr squiggles) and greasy fabulousness of these items! and sooooooooooooooooo frickin cheap! we pretty much eat for less than 3 bucks each person everytime! what a score! though each place is probably a health hazard in itself, but oh well, we all got our shots, right? how can you pass up good food?

So below from left to right,

luo mi gi/luo mai gai – the best i’ve ever had so far – the glutinous rice was nice and gooey and HOT. the inside filling was super flavorful. luv it.
Taro/Turnip Pancake – Crispy on the outside, wholesome filling on the inside
Rice Porridge/Jook – smooth, warm and comforting
Chinese style meatballs – not my favorite because of being forced to eat a lot of them as a child
xiao mai/siu mai – again (probably because of the mindset of being in hong kong), the best we’ve ever had. the filling was flavorful. texture was nice and what’s the word in english? i dunno, but in cantonese, i would say very “song” refering to the nice bouncy and not too overcooked texture of the whole thing.
soy sauce chow mein – typical chinese breakfast item. oh so greasy and oh so yummy.

Lui Mi Ji Turnip Pancake Meatball Siu Mai Soy Sauce Choy Mein

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