Otafuku – “grandaddy of soba”

Otafuku – NE corner of 166th and Western – look carefully cuz you’ll miss it if you don’t
(310) 532-9348
16525 S. Western Ave
Gardena CA 90247

Here is a restaurant I absolutely love. It’s the quintessential hole in the wall. It is located in the most rundown strip mall ever, next to a run down and shady looking barber shop, and dark looking bar. If you were to drive by, you would think nothing is there but the bar and closed up shops. However, once you walk in, you are in a clean and simple decor and you are standing in a very efficient hustle and bustle of a small restaurant, specializing in one thing and one thing only – SOBA. Soba is made fresh everyday, and looking at the atmosphere of the restaurant, you really get a feel for the dedication to the FOOD and not to the SELLING of the food. This is probably why I shy away from the more hoighty-toity and trendy places. Just turns me off, but that’s a whole another topic. Back to the food.

See? Looks like sh*t on the outside

Fresh SOBA noodles in four (?) different styles, thick or thin and made with some different part of the buckweat. you can choose hot or cold, but it seemed that everybody was ordering cold. try to get there before the lunchtime rush or you’ll be standing in the squishy hallway near the bathrooms with the rest of the japanese business-looking men. + $3 you get a mini side of tempura shrimp or very generous portion of uni rice bowl.

Cold Soba Combo 2 Cold soba 2ombo 1

Want cold soba – go to Otafuku. Want cold udon – go to Sanuki no Sato.

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