Pho Kim Long and… hahahahahha

So, after an approximately 6-7 yrs hiatus from Pho Kim Long because it wasn’t anything spectacular back then, I went back to this restaurant for lunch today. Enter into Pho Kim Long: completely remodeled with trendy asian decor. wow. it’s huge! and it’s come a long way since high school ten years ago.

Today, I chose my usual for the summer in a vietnamese restaurant – Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio. It’s always refreshing and yummy, but there’s always the bad egg restaurants where they give you iceberg lettuce, the cha gio is less than crispy and fried in old oil, and the meat is dry and barely flavored in a tiny little half filled bowl. Boy, Pho Kim Long brought out somethin’ yummy and satisfying.

A big bowl generously filled with the following ingredients: Fresh chopped green romaine, sprinkles of julienned cucumbers, finely sliced pickled radishes and carrot, flavorful thit nuong, and cha gio was so crispy and the filling had a nice ratio of all the expected ingredients. toss in some nuoc mam and ya got a nice, crunchy, flavorful, refreshing lunch. it’s probably not the healthiest thing to eat at all, but I can lie to my body and tell it that it’s almost a salad… =D

Conclusion: decent food, waiter had amusing asian accent. tummy’s happy. sure, i’ll go back
Check it outt….
IMG_2696 IMG_2697

Pho Kim Long II
4029 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 220-3613

Yes, as someone pointed out, I am posting even if it’s NOT omg-caliber of food or else, I would have like 1 post ha ha.

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