Secret Pizza @ The Cosmopolitan

Pizzeria @ The Cosmopolitan
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 651-2432

[Update 7/2014: So they’ve shaped up. Last two trips have been perfect thin crust pizza. Chewy. Crusty. Cheesy. Perfect.]

I’m usually skeptical of any restaurants that rate high in a casino because from experience and as many locals know, better options can be found outside the strip. The same is the case with this pizzeria. The pizza toppings themselves were tasty enough but the fine details of a great thin crust pizza were missing from my experience. The magic wasn’t there for me. It just wasn’t crusty and chewy enough, and there wasn’t enough yummy smokey taste that comes from a slight char on the belly of a perfect slice of thin crust pizza. Was it because it Saturday night at 12 pm wasn’t prime time for pizza?

Conclusion: I am definitely going to be the minority opinion here *bracing to have tomatoes thrown at me*….The Pizzeria at the Cosmopolitan didn’t quite hit the mark, but if left with middle of the night munchies, I still welcome it as an option for late night pizza. My favorite thin crust pizza is still at North End Pizza


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