Restaurant Vela Latina
Av. Almeida Ribeiro, No. 201
TEL: (853) 2835-6888

(I’m back from my quickie trip to asia! Here’s some updates for ya!)

This was supposed to be fantastic portuguese style food as recommended by a ex-local/macanese. It was just notch above average. Maybe I should have known better because it was located right where all the touristy stuff was (Dai Sam Ba/Da San Ba)

We had the portuguese cod and sausage fried rice, portuguese style chicken curry, beef tongue, and lamp chops. Of those 4 dishes, the lamp chops were actually the shining dish. They were pretty juicy and tender and not the least bit gamey to me, which is usually the case with lamb.

Portuguese Style Curry Chicken by cravingsofafatgirl Portuguese Style Fried Rice by cravingsofafatgirl Beef Tongue by cravingsofafatgirl Lamp Chops by cravingsofafatgirl

Conclusion: Worth a try but don’t expect amazing. Just try the lamp chops here.

p.s. Next time, can someone recommend me a delicious place for pork chop buns? I had a really disappointing experience with a local cafe….. (Sik Sun/Shi Shen)

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