Pupule for Island Flavor


8090 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89113
(702) 876-2024

Coming back from Hawaii recently, I was definitely missing the delicious island food. Good thing we has Island Flavor here in Vegas, a mom pop shop opened by hawaiians. I ruv dericious mom-pop restaurants!

So here’s the run down.
1. Chicken Katsu Loco Moco – This was all kinds of -liciousness – fried-licious kastu, ooey gooey-licious over easy egg yolk, gravy-licious all over fluffy rice!
2. Beef Steak and Furikake Fried Shrimp – Could not taste the furikake in the shrimp, but overall the breading was crispy and tasty. The beef steak was on the salty side, but it’s nothing some gravy covered rice won’t fix.
3. Portuguese and Chinese Sausage Fried Rice – great!
4. Oxtail Soup – big tender pieces of meaty oxtail in a hot soup. comfort food? yes.
5. Korean Style Chicken Wings – chicken wings slathered in a sweet korean inspired sauce with sesame. very good.
6. Banana Pudding – the taste was reminiscent of a cinnamon roll with the creamy vanilla frosting on top but texture was of course mushy like bread pudding is supposed to be. texture whore can go without. thnx
7. Green Tea Icecream – I usually prefer the super strong authentic green tea icecream, so this one was a little too artificially sweet and neon green for my liking.

beef steak and furikake shrimp chicken katsu loco moco korean style chickcen wings oxtail soup portoguese and chinese sausage fried rice banana pudding green tea icecream
Conclusion: Pupule for above items #1-5

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