rosemary’s: another strip mall gem

(Summer 2011 Goodbye Rosemary’s, we will miss you dearly…)

luv it. luv it. another gem stuck in a janky strip mall with stein mart and krazy buffet. lol.

Rosemary’s Restaurant

just take a look at the pictures and all that nom-meriffic food! the tasting menu is pricey ($125 for 4 course + trio of dessert), but for the amount of food you get to eat, i say it’s frickin’ good deal. they’re not small portions. the prixe fixe is a good deal, too, with a choice of two appetizers and one entree. i usually don’t comment about the service, but it was amazing. i was coming back from the restroom and the server’s assistant was practically running from the other side of the restaurant to pull my chair out for me!

compliments of from the chef fresh bread! Hugo Texas BBQ Shrimp salmon tartare salmon tartare maytag blue cheese slaw and beef carpaccio crab croquettes seared sea scallops bacon wrapped swordfish ny strip trio of dessert mini creme brulee chocolate truffles and some nutty peanut buttery tasting crunchy candy my own full size creme brulee! good coffeeee

allow me to highlight…
1. the warm, toasty fresh bread! so fluffy and so toasty
2. hugo bbq shrimp and maytag blue cheese slaw. amazing! the shrimp had this wonderful grilled taste
3. the creme brulee! usually it doesn’t tickle my fancy like it does for so many of my friends, but after this one, i finally understand the appeal. the crunchy carmelized top shell is great with the not too sweet creamy inside. good? gooooooodddd. so good, in fact, that i ordered another full size creme brulee on top of the mini one that came with the dessert trio just for myself!

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  1. This is one of my favorite places also. Its not too pricey and the service is always outstanding!

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