Roy’s – Summerlin
8701 West Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 838-3620

Oh noes! I waited too long to recount my memories of each dish. So, I am missing a lot of details.

I remember that we ordered two spring tasting menus consisting of something like…. Seared ahi, Asian Shrimp salad, roasted chicken. We also shared the trio of fishes – butter fish, ahi and something…? For dessert, we were piggies and ordered the chocolate souffle and donuts (forgot the fancy name). Sweet and tasty.

I apologize. Definitely under achieving with the pictures and non-descript review on dishes. It was dark in there and I hate flash. =(
Deep Fried Wontons Seared Ahi Tuna Chocolate Souffle

Conclusion: Great fusion food experience. Staff was super nice and made my mom’s birthday dinner extra special with chocolate cake and a birthday picture. 3/5 beeps. It’s on par with my other fusion food experiences a la Kona Grill or Three Seasons Restaurants (Bay Area). Not extra good and bad at all, but standardly tasty. Whatever that means, huh? ha ha

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