Secret Menu Test

Thai Style Noodle House
3516 Wynn Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 873-8943

So, going back to one of our usual Thai hole in the wall with cute girl who remembers everyone server, this was definitely a noodle weekend! I decided to order the secret menu option that I order at our other fav hole in the wall Thai restaurant Kung Fu Thai and Chinese Restaurant to see if my two favorite hole in the walls could measure up to each other.

So, first I ask, “Can I get the duck noodle soup without the soup?” Then the server asked, “So you want it dry?” Yes, indeedy, that is exactly what I meant. I was a little apprehensive that it might not come out the way I expect it (the way Kung Fu prepares it), so I asked for the duck herb soup on the side as well in case I needed to pour it on the noodles to add flavor.

This was so mutha’ beepin’ tasty! I think maybe even better than Kung Fu. The small rice noodles were soaked in wonderful sauce. The slices of duck were fatty, flavorful and had a wonderful hint of…. butter (???). Hecccck yea! The herb soup on the side wasn’t a bad idea to have either.

Behold the sauce soaked noodles and the slice of duck meat.
Duck Noodles (Dry)

Conclusion: 5/5 beeps for Mutha beepin’ tasty dry duck noodles!

09.07.10 – Went to their new 2nd location at Ft. Apache and Tropicana about a week ago. I had the “dry” duck noodle. Tasty, tasty!! The 2nd location has nicer decor, less of a hole in the wall feel, and no cute glasses wearing chick. I think I miss location #1, hole in the wall, where the walls, chairs and tables are sticky. ^_^*

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