Seredipity 2 Las Vegas

Don’t go here for the food. Go here for their Frrrrrozen Hot Chocolate and other desserts. Food is average level comfort food with a big price. I would have to agree that the atomsphere is great for just hanging out and people watching on the strip with a couple big fat sundaes and a Fro-Ho. Yip! (Don’t expect the cute, cozy feel of what you get in New York)

1. Skinny Dipps (spinach dip) – I’ve had better, but not bad either…
2. “Pop” Corn “Rock” Shrimp – deep fried shrimp and popcorn, deep fried goodness – can’t hate that.
3. Mr Deans Mac & Cheese – The cheesy level was good, but I think the pasta was overcooked. I just came back from the south, so this definitely does not compare.
4. Mrs Rachel – A bomb diggity sammich with juicy pastrami, crunchy slaw all in toasty raisin bread. This was the winner of the meal
5. The chili – not a big fan of chili…. ask the yelper (see below)
6. Pot pie – *shrug… ask the yelper (see below)
7. Prim a Dona Vera – average …
8. Triple decker grilled cheese – three layers of toasty buttery bread + cheesy cheesy goodness.

CONCLUSION: Mrs Rachel wins out of all the real food that we tried. The desserts, of course, are the overall winner of the restaurant and the main reason to go.

Read this more in depth review by my friend, a much better writer!

DSC_0005 DSC_0010 Skinny Dipps "Pop" Corn and "Rock" Shrimp the Popcorn in the "Pop" Corn and "Rock" Shrimp Triple Decker Grilled Cheese Mrs Rachel Le Roux's "Prim a Dona" Vera Chicken Pot Pie chili Mr Dean's Mac & Cheese Mrs Rachel (cut open)

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