Sugoii Goyeman!!!

Sushi House Goyemon
5255 S Decatur Blvd, Ste118
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 331-0333

WOW. This place really makes AYCE sushi unique. Not only are there the usual crazy rolls deep fried/sauce to the extreme/yadda yadda, BUT

There is…… PORK BELLY!! All you can eat PORK BELLY!!!! This pork belly was grilled with a sweet teriyaki like glaze and a side of mango salsa. Perfection. Fatty smokey perfection.

Other notable unique items:
1. Spicy tuna on crispy sushi rice – Chewy, slightly spicy and slightly sweet. I liked it more for the fun chewy texture but the man did not fancy it as much. Strange, he’s usually a fan of anything tuna.
2. Tofu cheesecake – fluffier and not as heavy as its American counterpart, but when it comes to an amazing asian style cheesecake, Raku still wins hands down for their fluffy cheesecake.

We did not try any of the specialty rolls at all, but everyone around us seemed to be enjoying them. We tried pretty much all the nigiri menu items (tuna, albacore, seared albacore, cajun albacore, white albacore, super white tuna, red snapper, mackeral, sweet shrimp, uni, salmon, ….). Most everything seemed pretty good, but there were some that were definitely more fresh than others and some we could have skipped (shrimp). That didn’t stop the two of us from gorging ourselves with enough fish to feed a small family.

Conclusion: The owners of Sushimon should be proud of their new shining star of AYCE.

Uni Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice Grilled Pork Belly Sweet Shrimp

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