Sura (was SuLa) BBQ Buffet

Sula BBQ Buffet
4480 Spring Mountain Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 365-9888

Their meat is good and decently marinated just wish they had more variety of panchan.
Sula BBQ Buffet
Recommend: Kalbi, bulgogi
Conclusion: average korean bbq, not bad for AYCE in Vegas. it ain’t no k-town, so don’t expect too much.

5 thoughts on “Sura (was SuLa) BBQ Buffet

  1. Not a good place to eat….paid $120.00 for 5 dinner buffets….
    The Gas Stove didn’t work properly and the food was average.. I would definitely not go their again…
    Can get a lot better CHINESE and KOREAN food (FULLY COOKED) and nicely served compared to this place…
    HORRIBLE. Dont go there…
    If you have to cook your own food before go to TRADER JOES & buy what you can cook yourself…
    You can try this place if you are a good cook or a CHEF and can speak some KOREAN I believe..not for average American person or a tourist 4 sure.

  2. @marwah – ditto and the average caliber of food. i wish vegas had southern california caliber korean food….

  3. gettings google hits up the wazoo with this restaurant? has it improved in eating caliber and anyone and everyone wants to eat there??!! what’s going on?

  4. Personally, I live in Las Vegas and I love this place!! Sure the food is a bit expensive [24.95 dinner & 14.95 lunch], but some of the items that they carry for dinner, like the kalbi and ribeye arent cheap items. Plus, Its all you can eat, and you can cook the food to your liking.

    If you want to go to a steak house, and pay $20 for a tiny, cheap cut of steak.. be my guest.. Maybe its my OCD, but I like having control over my food. Im not a chef, but I love to cook so I love to take my friends here. Theres something about having a deep conversation while cooking dinner.. idk how to explain it.

    If you’re starving, this probably is not the place for you because you have to cook your own food and it does take a while to cook.. unless you have a few hours to kill, its great. The service is a little lacking. Granted the only thing they really do is bring you drinks and change the grill every once in a while, I think the experience would be a load better if the soda fountain was outside and you didnt have to wait for them to refill your drink, to resume eating. [All you big girls out there, you know what im talkin about!!]Over all, I think its a fun place to go with friends to talk story, laugh, eat, catch up, and have a good time.

    4 out of 5 GOLD STARS & 2 THUMBS UP FROM ME!!!

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