Sydney’s Opera Kitchen

Opera Kitchen
Lower Concourse Level, Sydney Opera House/Bennelong Point Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
0450 099 888


On our visit to Sydney, of course we had to visit the historical landmark – the Opera House! The Opera House was awesome because we saw the forward thinking architectural design for when it was built (and I think even to this day), and the tour guide was very informative on the history of the place. It is gorgeous on the inside and out.

The Opera House has it’s own restaurant/cafe cleverly named The Opera Kitchen, so when we booked our tour, we booked the tour and the tasting plate with the Opera Kitchen. We thoroughly enjoyed eating oceanside and devouring every single item except for the one burger that the darn birds swooped in and stole from us! Gosh, why didn’t our server warn us?

Anyhoo, here you have it. The list of deliciousness.
1. THE WAGYU BURGER Wagyu Burger – burger with beetroot relish, pickled gherkin and aged cheddar on a toasted potato sesame bun with a side of fries
2. PLANK ROASTED SALMON Burger – King salmon from Marlborough, marinated with lemon and herbs, roasted on a cedar plank.
3. CLASSIC PRAWN COCKTAIL Freshly cooked king prawns dressed in a light cocktail sauce and served with a watercress salad.
4. Vietnamese inspired CRAB EGGROLL
5. MISSCHU Dumplings
6. Assorted sushi
7. Oysters

Tour + Tasting Menu 1 set tasting menu Wagyu and chicken sliders Homemade chips, classic prawn cocktail and plank roasted salmon salad Crab egg rolls, dumplings and sushi

Conclusion: Definitely, choose the tasting plate to go with your tour. A must do.

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