Is fusion food a gimmick?

Three Seasons
518 Bryant Street
Palo Alto, CA
T: (650) 838-0353
F: (650)838-0380

Three Seasons Restaurant = Kona Grill (Las Vegas) meets Vietnamese Food. We got the set menu for $40 per person and there was soooo much food that I couldn’t keep up. Everything was tasty, but I can’t quite put my finger on something that actually stood out. The flavors blended into one general flavor that is decidedly Asian.

spring roll with tuna salad sushi roll
More 10+ more dishes not seen here (Green beans, eggplants, stirfried beef, curry chicken, etc)

Conclusion: Gimmicky? I would have to say so, but it works for the trendy crowd. Good training wheels Asian food for people who fear the really exotic. 2.5/5 beeps.