Got Robbed

Bar Masa
Aria Hotel & Casino
3730 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV
(866) 359-7111

Yes, it’s supposed to be another outpost of Chef Masayoshi and his famous Masa in New York, but somehow I can’t help but feel that we got seriously robbed. As evidence of an uncrowded Saturday night, I think other people realized this, too.

What went down:
1. Akanustu deep sea snapper in ponzu sauce – This was our first dish that came out and was highly recommended by the server. It totally turned me off because I felt that the ponzu sauce was overpowering the fish. All I could taste was ponzu sauce.
2. Kobe beef skewers – Very tender, very tasty and at least we got 5 skewers with one order.
3. Blue fin toro, Kanpachi and Uni nigiri- good but I’ve definitely had better and a thicker piece cut for me
4. Peking duck and foie GRAS fried rice – fatty, fatty glory. Very tasty.
5. Seared Tuna Steak – Highly recommended but a tad too fishy for me. 🙁 Even the BF did not like it and he usually likes ALL seared ahi tuna.
6. Black cod with daikon – Highly recommended by another server over the white miso cod. The fish was super tender but I didn’t enjoy the sweet soy sauce flavor. That’s just me. Perhaps, others will enjoy the sweetness.
7. Uni risotto with with black truffle – Our most expensive dish of the night and the one I had highest hopes for because of the delicious ingredients of Uni AND black truffle. I was severely disappointed. I experienced the opposite of what kevineats had with his Uni risotto. His was overcooked. Ours was undercooked and too al dente. I could appreciate the flavor of the Uni but it overpowered the black truffle. However, I was disappointed with the texture fail. It looked like what Cantonese people would call “yut pet see” = A pile of poop. Very visually unappealing, and I couldn’t make my Chinese self scrape up the rest and not waste it!

Conclusion: Trying too hard to be cool and trendy with the decor (Don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate modern decor), fancy shmancy servings rocks and awkward serving crates (Was that supposed to be visually appealing?). Cool and trendy comes at a big price tag for the check and certainly, always turns me off. All the food was pretty tasty but for the price, I felt like we were SUPPOSED to be on cloud nine. For the same amount AND quality of food, I would have been much happier at Raku, which I feel certainly can beat Bar Masa at quality any day. Not going back. Zero/5 beeps for feeling robbed.

Due to my poor pictures, take a look at this blog. It has very good pictures on the decor and how all the dishes were presented and served.