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In a town of fancy foods and celebrity chefs, eat. brings it back to simple food. The biscuits brought me back to my imaginary biscuit baking grandma’s kitchen with perfectly sweet berries. This was a mop it up and lick up the sauce moment, but I held back to not embarrass my husband. Though my truffled egg sandwich had the often fancy ingredient at high priced restaurants, this sandwich just brought it back to the roots, simple ingredients made well – fluffy eggs with just the right amount of truffle essence with thick cut bacon in between oh-so-amazing cloud-like pieces of ciabatta bread. Despite often being a fan of potatoes cut to smithereens and then deep fried to an unrecognizable state, I even ate all the big hunks of real pan fried potatoes.

berries and biscuits truffled egg sandwich corned beef hash

Go to eat to just eat.

Off to a fatty start!

Waffles Cafe
6446 N Durango Dr
Ste 150
Las Vegas NV 89148
(702) 727-3267

This cute little cafe would fall under the category of great neighborhood eats. It’s small, cute decor, in an unknown strip mall and not run by some corporate giant. Behold, Waffles Cafe, where everything is made with waffles! You can have waffle sandwiches, waffle pizzas, and of course a good ol’ waffle with whatever favorite toppings you want on it. It is also serves boba tea drinks. =)

Here’s what we got.
Yoonis Favorite made of an original flavor waffle plus strawberry, banana, vanilla icecream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. The texture of the waffle was chewy and slightly crunchy. This is definitely the texture I enjoy rather than the fluffy texture a la pancake batter.

The Breakfast Sandwich made of thinly sliced ham, melty cheese, perfectly crispy and smoky bacon, fluffy egg and a mysterious sweet gooey sauce arranged perfectly into an original flavor waffle. Phenomenal. Great! Eyes-rolling-to-back-off-head-good.

Yoonis favorite by cravingsofafatgirl Breakfast sandwich by cravingsofafatgirl

Conclusion: Oh waffle heaven, we will be back to sample your chocolate and pumpkin waffles and other delicious varieties. Go try it and be a supporter of the small business owner.

p.s. They have another location at 5165 S Fort Apache, Ste #160, Las Vegas NV 89148.
p.p.s. Many thanks to Tina for having a waffle craving at lunch time or else we would not have ended up there.

Egg Works

Egg Works
Local B-fast joint.

What do I try? The corned beef hash of course! At this place, you have an option of the real stuff or the canned stuff. Gimme the bad stuff – totally canned and totally loaded with salt. Visually,it looked amazing. As I took my first bite, I thought it was pretty good – crispy, crunchy and salty! As I dug deeper though, I was disappointed. Only the edges were crispy and the rest was a big pile of sogginess. I don’t know about you guys, but I like my corned beef hash crispy (a la the Coffee Cup in Boulder City). BUT BUT BUT! The Works Potatoes are mighty tasty! Oh the flavor crystals! Picture the Red Robin seasoning coating the small lil’ square of crispy potato completely. Yup yup. THE FLAVOR CRYSTALS!

Conclusion: I’d go back for the potatoes, but no corned beef hash for me here.
update: 03.28.2010 – indeed, the Works Potatoes still mighty tasty. mmm mmm…

Chicken Salad Sandwich Strawberry French Toast The WOrks Potatoes and Chicken Fried Steak Corned Beef Hash Bacon, Mushroom Omelette THe Works Scramble

Socal Revisited

NOTE: Possibly last food blog entry until I get back into the US from my tour of Asia (HK, Thailand and Vietnam). BUT! I will take plenty of food pictures because as of right now, the only thing on my mind is all the food I am going to eat and all the fruit that is going to be in season! Yip!!

Last Night’s Location: La Paella. Maybe it was because I went in with very high expectations. We got the seafood Paella but flavors WEREN’t amazing as yelp said. I expected something that needed 30 minutes to make to have an explosion of flavors. Somehow, it just tasted like minute rice quickly mixed with some seafood and sauces…

BREAKFAST: i’ve noticed that Yi Mei has been on the top 5 on LA yelp for the past few months, so we finally made it for breakfast. tasty it is. everyone in there was getting the traditional chinese breakfast – dou jiang and you tiao. so we got the dou jiang, you tiao + cong you bing and zhu rou xiao bing. all were quite tasty

(626) 284-9306
736 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park CA 91754
IMG_8921 IMG_8923

DINNER: I’ve been waiting for this for 3 wks! to Chunju Han il Kwan… we had it a couple months ago but forgot to bring a camera! here are the tasty dishes from today – squid/pork bokkeum, kimchi jigae with all kinds of yummies (spam, hot dog, daikon, kimchi), See the wonderful stew boil!, and of course the best banchan ever! their rice is made uniquely also…. everything was good, and once again, we all ate like a champ. all this food fed 2 boys and a small girl (me) very very well… oh soooo good!!!!!!!!

(213) 480-1799
3450 W 6th St #106
Los Angeles CA 90020

Chunju Han Il Kwan Sign Close Up Pan Chan Noodles Stewing Jigae IMG_9175