Tasty Bits

So in the past week and a half or so… tasty bits have presented themselves here and there. Meals were not worth mentioning in it’s entirety, but these oh-so-tasty bits of the meal are… here they are!

Oyshii Sushi on near Buffalo and 215. so if you exit buffalo from 215 and go south, you’ll pass a CVS then a wallgreens. It’ll be in the shopping center right after the wallgreens. I believe it’s past warmsprings… sorry didn’t get a card.

And the item worth mentioning here? Green Tea Tiramisu!!!! yip! I love tiramisu, so this asian spin on it was yummy. Not too sweet, fluffy with the lady fingers.
green tea tiramisu

Roadrunners (flamingo and 215) – Freshly baked cornbread muffins with apple butter! Warm and slightly sweet. Small bits of corn mixed and top it with whipped apple butter…. yea, i know you’re drooling with that one. the other food was aight. ^_^* (sorry, dood)

KJ’s Kitchen, open 7 days a week 11 am – 2 am. 5960 W. Spring Mtn Rd., #1D, Las Vegas, NV 89146
the two dishes worth mentioning 1. bai fan yu jian dan ?????- a tasty kind of crispy omelette with white fish and hints of onion 2. shang tang long xia yi mian -?????(?)? lobster cooked in broth and noodles, tender and fresh pieces of lobster! woot woot.
Jellyfish Chinese Broccoli / Gai Lan Ginger Onion Lobster Chicken Red Bean Dessert

Lastly, Burger Bar, Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. Good ‘ol Classic burger. Bacon. Cheese. Onions. Buffalo shoestring fries. What’s not to like? See the nice pink meat of the patty? yeaaaaaaaaa you do!
classic burger

Ok, The End. (for now) *clap clap clap*