Bouchon Menu

Bouchon Bistro
The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino
Venezia Tower-10th Floor
3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

The stars seemed to align beautifully this night of gluttony. It was great service and ambiance from the get go. We had a server who was very passionate about what he was serving and seemed to genuinely love what we were about to eat. He had helps tips and advice on how to eat the dishes that we appreciated greatly and never short of fantastic recommendations. Skilled in the craft of selling his food! Also, I was in a party of ladies who could EAT (no food pushers around here)!

The following list will touch upon the advice Mr. Server endowed and the deliciousness that ensued.
Epi Bread Inside the epi bread with butter Bone Marrow Toasted Baguette Foie Gras Fresh Smoked salmon Bone marrow slathered onto toasted baguette
1. Epi Bread – “Pace yourself,” he said, but how do we when it was delicately crusty on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside?
2. Bone marrow (Moëlle Rôtie) – “Take this [grilled, country] bread and spread the bone marrow on it. Then take the [Epi] bread and mop up the sauce,” he said. I think the imagery took care of that one.
3. Foie Gras (Terrine de Foie Gras, a.k.a. Jar of succulent fat) – “Take this toasted baguette [strips] and spread it. Sprinkle a little bit of the sea salt to open it up.” The richness of the foie gras spread on good bread made me forget all about pacing myself as Mr. Server stressed from the start.
4. Fresh Smoked Salmon Rillettes (Rillettes aux Deux Saumons) – “Spread this on the toasted baguette rounds,” he said. There goes my stomach space for the entree.

Frisee Salad Poached Egg French Fries Layered ... next to delicate beignet IMG_12Madagascar Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee Close up of Creme Brulee
5. Frisee Salad (Salade Frisée) – Two words: Poached eggs and bacons bits. My weaknesses
6. Mussels (Moules) – Fresh, sweet and full of essence of the sea
7. French Fries (Pommes Frites) – Golden, hot and crispy with a sprinkle of salt. The key to good fries is how it stays crispy even when cooled. That art alone impresses the texture whore (moi)
8. Steak (Steak Frites) – This was not any fancy wagyu beef, just a piece of prime flat iron, AND my friend bless her preference for well-done meat even ordered it medium well!! You would think that it’d be completely ruined, but it was utterly tender and flavorful. Did a well done piece of meat just melt in my mouth?
9. Gnocchi à la Parisienne – Dear Gnocchi, I really wanted to try you, but my stomach said no! Why did you say no… it looked so delicious.
10. Creme Brulee with Madagascar Vanilla Bean – But of course, I had room for dessert! Since the closing of Rosemary’s in town, I had not found an establishment to replace their perfect creme brulee. Bouchon almost did it. The delicate sugar shell cracked with a slight tap and the creme was smooth. It was just a touch too sweet compared to Rosemary’s.

Conclusion: My cholesterol says wth?!, but my tongue and stomach says, let’s do it again!

$ to Value Ratio: 4.75/5 Beeps – You’re paying for big portion size’s of expensive food
Yummy Factor: 5/5 Beeps
Texture Satisfaction: 5/5 Beeps
Average beeps: 4.91 Beeps

Been waiting for this day to come

Trattoria Nakamura-Ya
5040 W Spring Mountain Ste 5
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 251-0022
5 pm – 1 am Tuesday Thru Sunday

I’ve been waiting for the day this type of cuisine to come to Las Vegas. Ever since the day my tongue tasted the wonderful uni spagetti at famous Cafe Hiro in Cerritos, CA, I’ve dreamt about my favorite fatty subtrates – UNI & carbalicious-al-dente pasta.

Trattoria Nakamura-Ya just opened a couple weeks ago. So fresh and new that they didn’t even have their liquor license when we went. Hopefully, the license has been approved by now. Like popular Raku in town, Trattoria Nakamura-ya has a chalkboard of their daily specials. In this case, it was specials of their pastas and other dishes. A sucker for advertisement, we went for mostly specials.

On to the food:
Fresh warm rolls – Fluffy, soft, warm. Slather on a pat of butter…Need I say more?
Hirame Watercress Salad – This was fantastic. The texture whore in me was jumping for joy. The crunchy watercress paired with the crunchy deep fried cracker (?) and the tangy sweet dressing was perfect. After breaking up everything and tossing well as recommended by our server, every bite was a texture sensation
Madai (Red Snapper) Carpaccio – Fresh snapper, crunchy sprouts and a touch of fish sauce. Unique and delicious.
Uni & Tomato Cream Pasta – Al dente, al dente, perfectly al dente + buttery uni =)
Manila Clam & Torako Pasta – This dish was a touch salty but still enjoyable
Scallops Sauteed in Marinara Sauce – Scallops are not my favorite seafood, but I could appreciate the tender meat and flavorful sauce.
Tiramisu & Creme Brulee- I love Japanese versions of non-Japanese desserts. Somehow they make the level of sweetness perfectly to my liking (not too sweet).

Conclusion: Fusion Japanese & I get along just fine.

Fresh rolls mmm... warm Hirame Watercress Salad Chopping into it Madai (Red Snapper) Carpaccio Special Menu Pasta Menu Uni & Tomato Cream Pasta Manila Clam & Torako Pasta Empty Uni pasta bowl! Scallops sauteed in marinara sauce Tiramisu Creme Brulee

rosemary’s: another strip mall gem

(Summer 2011 Goodbye Rosemary’s, we will miss you dearly…)

luv it. luv it. another gem stuck in a janky strip mall with stein mart and krazy buffet. lol.

Rosemary’s Restaurant

just take a look at the pictures and all that nom-meriffic food! the tasting menu is pricey ($125 for 4 course + trio of dessert), but for the amount of food you get to eat, i say it’s frickin’ good deal. they’re not small portions. the prixe fixe is a good deal, too, with a choice of two appetizers and one entree. i usually don’t comment about the service, but it was amazing. i was coming back from the restroom and the server’s assistant was practically running from the other side of the restaurant to pull my chair out for me!

compliments of from the chef fresh bread! Hugo Texas BBQ Shrimp salmon tartare salmon tartare maytag blue cheese slaw and beef carpaccio crab croquettes seared sea scallops bacon wrapped swordfish ny strip trio of dessert mini creme brulee chocolate truffles and some nutty peanut buttery tasting crunchy candy my own full size creme brulee! good coffeeee

allow me to highlight…
1. the warm, toasty fresh bread! so fluffy and so toasty
2. hugo bbq shrimp and maytag blue cheese slaw. amazing! the shrimp had this wonderful grilled taste
3. the creme brulee! usually it doesn’t tickle my fancy like it does for so many of my friends, but after this one, i finally understand the appeal. the crunchy carmelized top shell is great with the not too sweet creamy inside. good? gooooooodddd. so good, in fact, that i ordered another full size creme brulee on top of the mini one that came with the dessert trio just for myself!