Bad Food

So, sushi roku (Las Vegas, NV, Forum Shops) – this over glamorized restaurant they claim to be a japanese restaurant. They have happy hour even on Saturdays, so i said, “why not? it’s cheap.” CHEAP it is. On their happy hour menu, $4 for rolls (6 pieces), $3 for full size alcoholic beverages, and $2 for a mini chocolate volcano cake.

CONCLUSION: BAD BAD SUSHI. fish was not fresh at all and usually, rolls can become acceptable with a healthy dunk of soy sauce. No no no…. still BAD. Shall i post the pictures? heck no! my friend has been there more than once (only for the lychee mojito, she swears) and agrees that the sushi has always been bad. we even tried all the fish on the menu – none was acceptable, not even the eel with the eel sauce that usually makes it yummy. =P

Please, please, if you want a sushi fix do not go to a trying to be trendy place with bad food like Sushi Roku, even with cheap happy hour. If you want good ambience, trendy decor, pretty decent service and to get a little sloshed before a night of partying, then you can go. Just don’t expect anything to dazzle your tongue foodwise.

MICHELLE’S MOOD: UNSATISFIED and waste of calories

LATER EVENING SNACK: after sushi roku, we wanted something more satisfying, so we headed to DJK (chinatown area, Las Vegas). another mediocre meal BUT better than sushi roku i must say. i wanted naengmyun sooooo bad but they ran out?! how do you run out of that?! anyways… we settled for tasted-not-stewed-long enough seafood soondubu and some undermarinated-slightlyburnt-kalbi and some mediocre banchan (although the kimchi was especially good tonight)

CONCLUSION: comparatively better than sushi roku, but average at best. heck, it’s happy hr after 11 pm and open 24hrs.

MOOD: APATHETIC. time for bed

The Grill mediocre banchan soondubu & rice squid slightly burnt kalbi