Edomae Sushi at Yui

3460 Arville St
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 202-2408


Move over Kabuto, there’s another Edomae sushi badass in town. Yui is it! For some reason, 4 out of 4 times we went to Kabuto, it was not at all a good experience (that’s another story to tell another day). Hubby and I have found Yui opened by Chef Gen-San formerly of Kabuto, and of the two visits so far, we have NOT been disappointed. We have experienced fantastically fresh fish and warm, chewy, and fluffy sushi rice. I don’t know about y’all, but a big part of my sushi experience is good sushi rice. Yui’s got that right. If you want top quality nigiri and sashimi, Yui is the place to be!

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Oh-My-Gah-se Omakase

5040 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 676-1044

[Update: Returned 12/1/2012 and I found that the fish quality was better but still not phenomenal by any means. The rice was warmer and fluffier. The fish was cut better. I attribute the last two listed improvements to the newer chef, we’ll call “The Rookie Chef.” We’ll call the once who cuts fish poorly and makes poor rice balls for the nigiri “The Amateur,” who was the one who was our chef for listed visit below on 10/3/2012) I wish we had Gen san the owner, but he was on the other side of the bar serving other guests. I was disappointed as the restaurant got busier and our service was switched from Rookie Chef to Amateur Chef. The final blow that made me not was to return was when he made our crab hand rolls and proceeded to finish the two rolls all at once before handing us the sushi. What were the ramifications of that? Well, the nori was soggy! The whole point of sitting at the bar is to get handed sushi almost immediately from the chef’s hands, is it not? Disappointed. Just disappointed.]

[Update: We returned once again (10/3/2012) and boy was I disappointed this time. Number one mistake: did not sit at the bar, so we did not get fresh right from the Chef’s hand. Fish was decidedly not super fresh and not cut very well. The rice was not warm, fluffy and chewy – perhaps even cold? Where was our delicately brushed aged soy sauce? Absolutely disappointing. Poor quality – minuscule portion size even for nigiri sushi. We might as well be eating at a sushi buffet.]

Simple. Elegant. Delicious. Omakase was “Oh-my-gah-se” Har har.

Finally, real sushi has made an appearance in Las Vegas. It joins other Japanese restaurants (Monta, Raku, Trattoria Nakamura) seemingly making a name for themselves and revitalizing a dump of a plaza it used to be.

Kabuto offers fresh, simple but thoughtfully created dishes. I won’t list everything that I ate because somehow once the first piece of nigiri sushi hit my tongue, I forgot to take pictures and was just floating in my own sushi heaven. Gives me reason to return again.

Conclusion: Thank you Sushi Gods. Edomae sushi here in Las Vegas at last. =)

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