Eat Fat. Live Forever.

Fat Choy
Eureka Casino
595 E. Sahara Ave.

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Eat Fat. Live forever. That’s what Fat Choy’s wall mural says. Perhaps we won’t live forever being gluttonous, but at least, we will die with happy memories of delicious fatty food made by Chef Sheridan Su. Sheridan has finally found a new place to call home inside of the Eureka Casino. Since his lease was not renewed at his famous hole-in-the-wall location at a hair salon, he was on hiatus and literally on the run on his Great Bao food truck until recently.

Fat Choy’s menu is an East meets West feel. It combines diner favorites like burgers and fries with Chinese go to items like potstickers and noodles. Of course, it includes the fan favorites of peking duck and pork belly bao.

Allow me to highlight the artery clogging goodness of these two items: Peking Duck bao with crispy duck skin and the PBBLT. Say what? PORK BELLY, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandiwch? Yes, please. I quote my husband, “It’s enough fat to coat your lips, so you don’t have to wear chapstick for weeks! (in a good way).” While I miss the sesame noodles from the original Great Bao (they have since change to spagetti noodles and the sauce is different), I am perfectly content in just indulging in the delicious bao.

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Great Bao Returns!

#1 Hole in the wall

Great Bao
4965 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 900-2168

UPDATE 2013: Closed, but now they have moved into the Eureka Casino and renamed themselves as Fat Choy. Chef Sheridan still makes his creations of love of bao and add on some diner food of the likes of pork belly BLT.

I’m back from my unintentional hiatus (getting married and still in the process of opening a business)! Here’s a scrumptious morsel.

Great Bao is a hole in the wall extraordinaire. It’s located in the most unique location of all – in a small corner of a beauty salon. In my opinion, Chef Sheridan takes the approach much like IN-N-OUT, taking a few items and doing it right. Of course the restaurant names says it all on his most popular items, but he also serves other delicious sides.

On his bao’s:
Have you ever been to a family dinner where you had the peking duck served with only 8 fluffy baos to 10 people, so you really couldn’t indulge in the juicy meat with the light and sweet bao? Here at Great Bao, you can definitely get as many bao’s as you want and NOT have to share. Hubster and I tried the duck, beef and pork belly. The pork belly bao was my favorite – it was juicy and warm. The duck bao was my next favorite. Chef makes it so that there is a little bit of crispy skin to tease you to want more. I also overheard that he gets his bao’s baked fresh from a local bakery, so no, no, they are NOT pre-packaged or frozen.

The other goods:
His sesame noodles are a light and tangy. His chicken and rice give me the comfort food fuzzies.

Conclusion: Great Bao – you’ve got it right.

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