Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tu
5030 Spring Mountain Rd., Ste 8
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 776-7077

It’s happened! Finally something that I’ve seen many times in SoCal coming to Vegas – Options on your sugar level on your tea drink! Why Las Vegas, did it take this long? Perhaps other tea shops do this as well, but Kung Fu tea has it detailed it out. *happy dance happy dance. Love the details in the shop, Kung Fu Tea. Keep up the good work.

adjust sugar green tea

Details Details Details

Sweets Raku
5040 W Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 290-7181

CFG Haiku:)
Sweets Raku details
Desserts, delicate and light
Restroom fantastic

Chef Mio Ogasawara Utensils Drink menu Edible menu Button as hook Sauce Eating the menu Green tea - vanilla and strawberry flavor Amuse bouche Apollo Veil Lava cake Entrance Gift Surprise

Amuse Bouche: Raspberry Sorbet with Mint Jelly
Apollo: Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Mousse, Custard, Chocolate Sponge Cake, Earl Grey Ice Cream, Crispy Chocolate Rice Square, Meringue
Veil: Warm, Custard Filled Buttery Flaky “Pie” – The aroma of butter was amazing.
Petit Fours: Chocolate soufflé, raspberry and passion fruit geleé. – A beautiful waterfall of liquid dark chocolate oozed gracefully out.

Conclusion: Luxurious dessert in a fun, casual environment.

Raku rocks.!!!!

(702) 367-3511
5030 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas NV 89146

This experience rivals the happiness level I experience at Echigo sushi. It was a texture-gasmic experience. Everything nearly melted into my tongue like buttah… mmmmm….. buttahhh….. Raku turned out to live up the hype (minus 1 dish).

The dishes…. *bounce bounce bounce
1. Sea Urchin and Seaweed Soup (Dashi Broth?) – The sea urchin was very fresh and not fishy at all. So, we made a spoonful of the broth with some seaweed and approximately 1 tsp of the precious Uni. I think my eyes just rolled to the back of my head from the wonderful seafood flavor and the tender consistency of the uni. Uni (Sea Urchin) is definitely an acquired taste, but I would recommend that if you were trying for the first time, please go to a place like Raku that gives you the good stuff! mmmm mmmmm!
Sea Urchin and Seaweed Soup

2. Blue Fin Tuna Sashimi – Not quite the best tuna I’ve ever had, but still melted into my mouth regardless… fresh fish is muy bueno.
Blue Fin Tuna

3. Kobe Beef Miso Skewers (1 more garlic, 1 more miso) – After Crapsteak, I’ve been wanting to try some real Kobe Beef. So, these Kobe beef skewers showed me what-it-is – Tender. Juicy. Flavorful. That’s how it should be!
Kobe Beef Miso Skewers

4. Negima (Japanese Sweet Onion)/Chicken Hot Pot – This dish I did not like so much. The broth was tasty but got too salty after drinking more of it. I like salt, but it was too much for me. The cubes of chicken were too dry and gritty for me, but then, I’m not a fan of white meat.
Chicken Hot Pot The Whole Hot pot... very hot!

5. Agedashi Tofu (Homemade Tofu!!!!) – Everyone was talking about this on Yelp. EVERYONE. Guess what? Everyone is soooo right. Fresh made tofu makes such a big difference on texture and flavor. The lightly fried outside layer + the almost creamy inside of the tofu paired with some roe on top = perfect. Definitely, try it. (Broth was the same from the Hot Pot? Still too salty…)
Agedashi Tofu

6. Green Tea Icecream and Green Tea Creme Brulee Topped with Green Tea Icecream – Perfect icecream – not too sweet paired with a not too sweet whipped cream. The Green Tea creme brulee was a nice twist from the traditional kind and still smooth and creamy with the night burnt topped.
Green Tea Creme Brulee + Green Tea Icecream and fluffy not too sweet whipped cream Green Tea Icecream and not too sweet whipped cream

p.s. I added some pics for you viewing pleasure for Big Fat Greek Fooooood