Nobu’s little bro

Sen of Japan
8480 W Desert Inn Rd # F1
Las Vegas, NV 89117-4435
(702) 871-7781

Sen of Japan is not exactly an offshoot of Nobu, but the blogosphere says that the chef here is the former chef from Nobu at Hard Rock.

Who would have thought that a decent sushi place could exist in the ‘burbs of Vegas. I’ve been resisting this place ever since I met my fiancé two and a half years ago, but I finally gave in this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience.

We went in asking for omakase and there was a $55 option vs. $85 option. I think the overall gist of it was that the more expensive option had the more expensive meats/fishes. In our conversation with our server, what impressed me what they do cater to your tastes depending on if this is your first time versus fifth time there.

We decided the $55 Omakase and planned to order a la carte if we were still hungry.
1. Jalapeño Yellowtail with olive oil ponzu sauce – Ponzu sauce can make a lot of things taste good and this is one of them. Tangy, spicy with jalapeño.
2. Sashimi salad with various basic cuts of fish – no wow factor but the salad dressing was good
3. Beef Filet – just a tad overcooked but nice concept
4. Nigiri Sushi (yellowtail, tuna, salmon, shrimp, tuna roll) – not super fresh but not bad either.
5. Miso soup with clam – very bland soup

A la carte
1. Uni – very fresh.. mmm butter of the sea
2. Oh toro – not the freshest but still good

Sen of Japan

Conclusion: Fish shipments are on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, hence our fishes not being the freshest on our visit Monday. My overall experience was good, and I think Sen of Japan has some potential for becoming my dedicated omakase joint. 3.75 beeps for now. I’ll hopefully upgrade with subsequent visits. =)