Flock & Fowl – Universal Comfort Food

Flock & Fowl
Address: 380 West Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Typical Hours: 10:30AM–3:30PM
Phone: (626) 616-6632

Flock & Fowl

Chicken and rice, it is the universal comfort food across many cultures. Flock & Fowl hits the spot with delicious comfort food all around. Deep fried chicken, baos and of course, the addicting rice that accompanies their main menu item, Hainanese chicken. Perhaps, it’s the chicken fat or the fact that they source organic chicken? Flock & Fowl brings chicken eating to another level, and you can really feel the food being made with “heart”.

HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE (with house made ginger scallion sauce + house made chile + house made soy chicken rice, marinated cucumbers and preserved mustard greens) ordered 3 ways – poached, house roasted, buttermilk fried. NIGHT MARKET FRIED CHICKEN BAO, INDO FRIED RICE.

Flock & Fowl Flock & Fowl Flock & Fowl

4/5 Beeps