Hue Thai

Hue Thai Sandwiches

5115 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146-8717
(702) 256-1900

So, Hue Thai is a Vietnamese based restaurant with a wide variety of not only Vietnamese dishes, but also thrown in are a few Thai and other asian dishes here and there. There is a good variety of drinks. Service is fast and efficient. They take orders through a hand held electronic ordering system.

1. Banh Uot Cuon with gà nuong, instead of the usual seasoned pork. This delicious combination is off the menu, so you have to ask for the grilled chicken (gà nuong), specifically.

2. Banh Mi gà nuong. Supposedly, Hue Thai bakes their own bread fresh daily, and it sure tastes like it. Though it’s not the best bread ever, you can definitely tell it’s fresh and a nice soft but slightly chewy/toasty texture. The slathering of mayo with the grilled chicken and fresh veggies makes this entire combination beat a regular American sandwich any day!!!

3. Banh Canh Gio Heo Tom Cua. This was the most disappointing dish of the meal. The soup was just chicken broth infused with plenty of MSG. Even if I wanted Pho Ga, it was still bad soup overall! For those unfamiliar with Banh Canh’s soup, it’s supposed to be infused with some sort of delicious seafood, either shrimp, crab, or oysters, etc with a meaty infusion of thinly sliced pork and gelatinous pig feet. This bowl of soup was not it. However, the only positive was the noodles. The texture was chewy and not over cooked. Enough to save it from a Fail? Nope! I was severely disappointed because Hue Thai has definitely served it better before.

banh mi gà n??ng banh canh gio heo tom cua Banh Uot Cuon gà n??ng

Conclusion: Hue Thai can be fantastic sometimes and overall, they perform to a satisfactory level with the quality of Vietnamese food. Good for a quick and decent lunch time bite.

p.s. ON our way back from Vung Tau, Vietnam, here’s the best Banh Canh ever. mmmm… i can smell it like it was yesterday….
banh canh thit heo by mdubdub

p.s. 01/22/2010 – Don’t get the Goi Cuon/ Spring Rolls. It’s made with iceberg lettuce? ew….

Fried Cheese Kurds!!!

LBS: A Burger Joint
Red Rock Casino Resort Spa
11011 W. Charleston
Las Vegas, NV 89135

[Update: 7/2014, recently closed and replaced by Mercadito. Sad that I can’t have deep fried cheese curds anymore.]

There were two items I really enjoyed at LBS and either was not a burger.

I really enjoyed the fried cheese kurds because 1. I luv cheese A LOT 2. Deep Fried 3. chewy and cheesy breadnessness was fantastic!! The potato twists were also good because the potato chips were seemingly freshly fried and topped with fry sauce (mayo and bbq?), AND we added heart attack style on top, which is chili on top. Other than these two items, I’m not sure my burger was that good (CABOT CHEDDAR + LETTUCE + TOMATO + PICKLE + BBQ SAUCE + SMOKED BACON + ONION
RING). The beef patty was not juicy and pink as we had ordered but I had grabbed the more cooked half apparently. The bacon was decidely rubbery and undercooked. The batter kept coming off of the onion rings that we ordered on the side – tell tale sign that they did not “sweat” they onions enough the night before battering and frying.

Potato twists Fried cheese Kurds Burger from LBS
Conclusion: CHEESE KURDS!!! (I’m still craving them 3 days later ^_^*)

Tart and sweet

Tart Frozen Yogurt (CLOSED, probably stomped on by local chain giant yogurtland)
3555 S Town Center Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(702) 242-8278

I have a special place in my heart for sbo/mom pop restaurants and businesses, and Tart is one of them. It is dwarfed by the yogurt giants around them such as Yogel’s, Golden Spoon and Yogurtland. So, I try to visit Tart, rather than the big boys. They taste just as good and have similar pricing. The disadvantage is that you don’t get to do it yourself and they are limited in flavors and toppings. It’s perfectly fine for me because all I get it the original tart flavor, which is oh so refreshing on a hot summer day, and fruits on top. Give them a try… support the small businesses =)

Tart's original flavor + kiwi, strawberry, mango

I don’t fancy real olives but….

Todd English’s Olives ain’t that bad
3600 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas NV
(702) 693-7223

Given the chance to eat a fancy restaurant in Bellagio for cheap, I jumped at it! Yaye for restaurant week by

The prix fixe combo I chose….
1. Ham and Cheese arancini – nice crunchy breaded shell with warm oozy cheese and ham.
2. A take on a BLT + Salmon – This consisted of two slices of thick cut bacon, baby spinach salad, toasted roll, salmon (slightly overcooked) + tangy tartar sauce. When I carefully constructed my bite to include every component, it was a very nice combo. BACON!
3. Drunk Dark Chocolate Trifle – A dark chocolate cookie and creamy vanilla icecream. Good but not as good as….
4. Banana Foster Cake – This is what I should’ve goten -Slight taste of liquor in moist cake + carmelized bananas.
Drunk Dark Chocolate Trifle Bananas Foster Salmon BLT steak Ham and Cheese Arancini
Conclusion: Prix fixe was good, but not impressive. I think Olive’s has more to offer outside of the prix fixe because our friend’s food outside of the prix fixe was supposedly excellent. Shall we go back? hmmmm

Sura (was SuLa) BBQ Buffet

Sula BBQ Buffet
4480 Spring Mountain Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 365-9888

Their meat is good and decently marinated just wish they had more variety of panchan.
Sula BBQ Buffet
Recommend: Kalbi, bulgogi
Conclusion: average korean bbq, not bad for AYCE in Vegas. it ain’t no k-town, so don’t expect too much.

U Swirl, U… kinda suck?

9775 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas NV

First of all, USwirl employee wouldn’t let me get my own free sample. I thought Uswirl meant that I would swirl it myself? Ok, looking past that fact, the tart flavored yogurt itself is too creamy for my liking. I was looking more for a pinkberry/yogurtland/tart texture – something more refreshing and light. Maybe I’ll like it when the weather cools down? NOT.

Uswirl - Tart Flavor yogurt

Conclusion: Too creamy for me. If you likey creamy, check it out.
[12.16.2009 – lemme rephrase, if i was looking for regular frozen yogurt, i’d go to golden spoon or yogel’s. however, i was looking for pinkberry-esque yogurt and uswirl did not fit the bill.]

Salty ungoodness

Atlanta Bread Co
9785 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas
(702) 838-2224

Although I really enjoyed the toasty texture of the bread, chicken pesto sandwich was toooooo salty but the bf seemed to enjoy it. Too salty “creamy” tomato soup that looked like it was in the process of coagulating some miso. ew………… and they got my soup order wrong and told us that we had ordered the baked potato soup. ;/

Atlanta Bread Company - Chicken Pesto Panini

Conclusion: go to Panera or Corner Bakery for better quality/taste of food.


7175 W Lake Mead Blvd # 118
Las Vegas, NV 89128-1303
(702) 835-0060

Since I’ve tried red velvets from two different bakeries this week, I couldn’t leave out Cupcakery’s Red Velvet, called the “Savannah.”

Compared to the other two (Retro and Cupcake Lane), Cupcakery’s comes in second in this week’s battle of red velvet cupcakes. Frosting was smooth and creamy, but not as silky as Cupcake Lane’s. The cake itself was moist but just slightly not as moist as Cupcake Lanes.

Final Ranking for this week: FLAVOR – Red Velvet Cupcake
1. Cupcake Lane – winner for it’s uber silky smooth cream cheese frosting and moist cake.
2. Cupcakery – creamy frosting, but lost the edge for not being as moist
3. Retro Bakery – last place for dry and hard cupcake top and interesting almond extract flavored frosting

Red Velvet Cupcake - Cupcakery