Noodle fiend finds a good noodle

[update 05.29.2010]
So, Shuseki has somehow become a monthly if not weekly meal. Why? I’m not too sure why. Service is often slow even when it’s not crowded. Food is just average. There is good parking. It’s often NOT crowded like Ichiza down the street. So, I think it’s the convenience and it’s become comfortable.

[update 06.24.2009]
I agree that Shuseki is a good option if Ichiza is too crowded. Though I am only basing this on 3 trips and having only tried the tempura udon noodles, chicken katsu curry and the OMG roll, I was very satisfied with the eating experience. The food is decent, and the staff is nice enough.

1. Udon noodles – 1. Perfectly cooked noodle texture on a late night snack cravings around 1030 pm. 2. Slightly overcooked on a lunch meal around 3 pm on another day. Overall. The tempurature of the soup was so super hot that I burned myself the first time I ate it. That’s how noodle soups should be! I like it!
2. Chicken katsu curry – Can’t really go too wrong with Japanese curry, right? hmmmm.. went back and it actually be subpar
3. OMG sushi roll – Inside was tempura shrimp with avocado. Outside was a layer of tuna sashimi, deep fried onions (yes! fried!) and a drizzle of some tangy sauce. nom nom nom….
4. gyoza is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside
5. Omellete rice is decent but could be better
6. beef tongue has potential
7. deep fried squid is a winner
8. their honey toast has a more syrupy taste, but it’s not a bad trade off compared to ichiza. some of my friends do not like the more syrupy taste.

p.s. Raku is just in a class of it’s own. No comparison…