Is fusion food a gimmick?

Three Seasons
518 Bryant Street
Palo Alto, CA
T: (650) 838-0353
F: (650)838-0380

Three Seasons Restaurant = Kona Grill (Las Vegas) meets Vietnamese Food. We got the set menu for $40 per person and there was soooo much food that I couldn’t keep up. Everything was tasty, but I can’t quite put my finger on something that actually stood out. The flavors blended into one general flavor that is decidedly Asian.

spring roll with tuna salad sushi roll
More 10+ more dishes not seen here (Green beans, eggplants, stirfried beef, curry chicken, etc)

Conclusion: Gimmicky? I would have to say so, but it works for the trendy crowd. Good training wheels Asian food for people who fear the really exotic. 2.5/5 beeps.

Gastronomic Destruction!!!!

This vacay to San Fran was utter destruction to all levels of health in my body due to too much good food! Destruction!!!

1. Taylor’s Automatic Refresher’s
1 Ferry Bldg
Marketplace Shop #6
San Francisco, CA 94111
(866) 328-3663

The burgers are just alright, but the garlic fries were so garlicky! I loved it. Somehow, they made it so that the fries would stay crispy even through the meal and the garlic was coating every single fry in a sticky garlicky goo. This might gross others out, but I loved it in all it’s garlic glory.

IMG_0548 IMG_0549 garlic fries! cheeseburger

2. R & G Lounge – chinese/seafood
(415) 982-7877
631 Kearny Street
San Francisco CA 94108

This place is famous for their salt and pepper crab, and I think it’s the batter that makes everyone come back for it. The whole crab is breaded and basically, nibbling all the batter off of the shell is all you need to be in salt nirvana – not for the faint at heart, literally. I bet all of our blood pressures went up a few points after eating the entire meal. The other dish that is darn tasty is the steamed egg custard and clams – tofu like consistency and nice chewy clams. Other standard fair of walnut shrimp, beef house special and pea shoots (dou miu) were good as well.

salt and pepper crab inside the shell.... egg custard and steamed clams salt and pepper crab bits mixed with rice! walnut shrimp

3. Mustards Grill
(707) 944-2424
7399 St Helena Highway
Napa CA 94588

In the heart of napa, all of their ingredients are supposed to be organic and all veggies grown on site. Oh the freshness! I chose the house special of the soft shell crab + mustard greens + pumpkin pesto. The greens were a very tasty mix of the mustard greens, finely chopped lettuce, tomatoes, and lima beans, among others. It was very refreshing and the crab was nice and crispy on the outside and tender and moist on the inside.

daily special - soft shell crab + mustard greens salad + pumpkin pesto

Other dishes – Truckers Delight (tender ribeye), calamari + mustard greens slaw, Famous Mongolian Pork (great tangy flavor with the pork with tangy sides), blue cheese salad, ahi burger – ALL nicely done.

DSC_0027 Trucker's Delight - ribeye Calamari + mustard greens slaw Famous Mongolian Pork Chop blue cheese salad ahi tuna burger

4. ad hoc
(707) 944-2487
6476 Washington St
Yountville CA 94599
MONDAYS – Fried Chicken night

So on each day that they are open, a different menu is featured. It just so happened we made it on their famous fried chicken night!!!!!! It was the best tasting fried chicken, and it better be for that price. Again, located in napa valley, ingredients were very fresh and full of flavor.

ad hoc salad of the day – butter lettuce, fennel, apricot slices, almonds + rich unique ranch dressing
corn on the cob – cooked in whole butter. the most amazingly buttery corn ever.
garlic mashed potatoes – pretty standard
fried chicken – click on the picture. the seasoned fried batter on the outside was perfect and the chicken was super super dooper juicy and tender. i’m literally drooling as i talk about this chicken
cheese platter with pea shoot salad – tasty stinky cheeses.
homemade icecream sandwiches – i preferred the dark chocolate cookie sandwiches with rich vanilla bean icecream over the chocolate chip icecream sandwiches. that’s just because i luv dark chocolate =)

DSC_0103 DSC_0107 ad hoc salad mashed potatoes amazing, butter corn on a cobb DSC_0108 juiciness the best fried chicken ever cheeses icecream sandwiches ad hoc sign + lens flare

4. Robert Mondavi Winery

Ha haha… no no. Of course, I’m going to rave about the wine at a winery! It’s about the one piece of food they offered! arancini! Glorified/fancified deep fried rice and cheese ball is where it’s at. woot woot.


5. Golden Gate Bakery
(415) 781-2627
1029 Grant Ave (between Jackson St & Pacific Ave
San Francisco CA 94133

If you’re a lover of egg tarts, you have to try this at least once. I agree that the custard to crust ratio is not quite right (less custard, more crust? or mini size it?), but you have to look past it once you take that first bite of buttery, flaky crust with the warm (almost hot) custard because they took it right from the oven. It is heaven. This time around I have to admit that the crust was slightly saltier and crispier from previous experiences, but still fantastic. WARM. FLAKY. GOODNESS.

egg tart Egg tart