Massive FOod Blog!

ok peoples…. are you ready for this one? I visited socal this Labor Day Weekend because I totally missed the beach, and of course, all my favorite food! I didn’t hit up everything that I wanted, but this was a pretty good sampling. Yip!

Let’s go in chronological order as usualll. Many are revisited, but hey, if it’s good, why not drool over it, again?

Saturday Dinner
(310) 820-9787
12217 Santa Monica Blvd #201
Los Angeles CA 90025

Echigo – tried and true omakase that never let’s us down. Simple, fresh and absolutely delicious fish. We had extra uni and the crab hand roll as usual. and I’M TOTALLY DROOLING AS I TYPE THIS. omg…. *slurp!
White Fish Sashimi Toro Halibut Scallop Bonito Kanpachi Shimaji Japanese Red Snapper Uni Butter Fish Blue Crab Hand Roll

Sunday Breakfast
Haute Cakes Caffe – known for their cornmeal pancakes and huevos benedictos
(949) 642-4114
1807 Westcliff Drive
Newport Beach CA 92660

blueberry haute cakes got a nice gritty cornmeal consistency. not too sweet and yummy with the side of warm syrup.
huevos benedictos – i think i would have liked it better if the beans hadn’t leaked all over the place. i guess i just have to eat faster?
mexican scramble – our fav of the meal. guac, tomatoes, onions. cheese…. yummy!
forgot the name of this glorified ding dong – very rich and yummy and it tasted amazing because we were so hungry!
Haute Cakes Caffe Haute Cakes Caffe Haute Cakes Caffe Haute Cakes Caffe Haute Cakes Caffe Haute Cakes Caffe

Sunday Afternoon Snack
Ruby’s Shake Shack. long day at the beach? let’s have a yummy creamy shake!
(949) 464-0100
7408 Coast Highway
Newport Coast

Laguna Beach

Sunday Dinner
Laventina’s Big Cheese Pizza – just some simple pizza in newport. just good ol’ pizza. nuffin’ too special but it is in newport beach so you can take it and eat it on the beach! woot woot.
(949) 675-1980
2819 Newport Beach #B
Newport Beach CA 92663

Newport Beach

Monday Dinner
Corner Place – for korean bbq and dong chi mi gooksou (cold noodles!)
(213) 487-0968
2819 James M Wood Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90006

Oh so refreshing and tasty! chilled noodles in a flavorful chilled broth!
dong chi mi gooksou

Hot Tuesday Afternoon
Shau Mei – there are two locations that I know of – monterey park and rowland. here’s the rowland hgts addy.
18438 Colima Rd #1
Rowland Heights CA 91748

Fluffy shaved ice, with condensed milk drizzled on top – almond jelly, green bean, grass jelly and mochi. cold sweet refreshing goodness. i missed it so much i even started eating the melted juices!
Shaved Ice with condensed milk and grass jelly

Whew! I think that’s it! So much good food… makes me happy…. until next time!

Food Adventures in LA, continued…

The usual trio – [resident photographer, simon] [resident analyst/thinker and event coordinator for this adventure, benny] [resident wannabe food critic, michelle]. on a beautiful sunny california day….

The day started off with the following deliciousness of Roscoe’s chicken and waffles. The boys took on a quarter chicken and two waffles, while i paced myself and only took on 1 leg, 1 waffle and 1 biscuit.

(323) 934-4405
5006 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles CA 91770
Fried Chicken
CONCLUSION: chicken good, waffle good, in combination pretty good. so good that we’ll go back? *shrug* good to try at least once

After “exercise” at D&B’s (shooting hoops, wannabe ddr game Stomp, and extreme car racing), we went to Nem Nuong Ninh Hoi for the following deliciousness. This bun beo was a little different than usual – it came with a flavorful baby crouton like bit)
Banh Beo
The goi coun was really yummy. we got the one with nem and a very crunchy and addicting piece of fried shrimp to give a crunch with every bite and and orangy-looking sauce (yet to figure out its consistency)
Goi Cuon

Nem Nuong Ninh Hoi
(626) 286-3370
9016 Mission Dr
Rosemead CA 91770

CONCLUSION: I’ll soooooooo go back. got to try the bun bo hue next

After wandering around like high schoolers with nothing to do but loiter in monterey park because there is nothing else to do but eat or drink and going to three 99 ranches on the hunt for gu dao iced green tea, we head over to Little Fat Sheep. the fish balls filled with meat, pig blood rice cakes and egg wrapped dumplings are a must try.

(626) 282-1089
120 South Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park CA 91754
Herb Hot Pot
CONCLUSION: I favor this over the more americanized Jazz Cat. at little fat sheep you can order more variety and share it with a yummy slightly herbal-ish broth. (p.s. 10/17/12 – After driving past this summer, we believe the owners have changed and it is no longer called Little Fat Sheep. Sad Face.)

Oh… we’re not done, yet. We ended the day with this refreshing concoction at Shau Mei. for only $3.95, you get to choose 4 sides. in this case – oatmeal, mochi balls, grass jelly and mango…

104 N Garfield Ave
Monterey Park CA 91754
Taiwanese Style Shaved Ice
CONCLUSION: no doubt… we always go back here.

THE END. tho… we almost went next door to Phoenix.

Tune in for more food adventures after my boards in two weeks. Addresses of restaurants given upon request… ha ha…