Last Meal in HCMC, Vietnam

on our last day in asia. we ate at a popular seafood restaurant in HCMC, Vietnam. it was already really good food to begin with, but i think our two weeks on MRE’s and instant noodles in jungle northern vietnam enhanced the entire eating experience. heineken beer even tasted good.

here’s what we ate. thanks to gemie’s super cool cousin who knows all the good places to eat in saigon.
1. goi ca ngoc suong -which consists goi of marinated and cooked white fish chilled with ginger garnish, plantanes, fresh slices of starfruit, a couple of ot (chili peppers), mint and cabbage. this amazing thousand island colored sauce was paired with the roll and made a flavor explosion of tangy-sweet-hint of salt and kick of hotness from the chili pepper with a wonderful crunch of all the garnishes. this was so freakin’ good! here’s the roll before it was rolled
Ngoc Suong Saigon Seafood Restaurant

here’s the fish on the plate before being put into the roll
Ngoc Suong Saigon Seafood Restaurant

here’s the roll, partially eaten with the sauce pictured on the side =D
Ngoc Suong Saigon Seafood Restaurant

2. next dish: cua rang me (tamarind crab). the sauce was so flavorful! sweet with tamarind and other spices to make it a robust sauce that tastes so incredible with the crab meat inside. we even licked the entire shell just so we could get all the sauce
Ngoc Suong Saigon Seafood Restaurant

3. ngeu nuong bo – clams in very nice buttery sauce
Ngoc Suong Saigon Seafood Restaurant

4. chao hao do – rice porridge cooked with fresh oysters. can you imagine the fresh seafood flavors of an oyster totally infused into this porridge? omg!
Ngoc Suong Saigon Seafood Restaurant

wanna go eat this? here’s the restaurant. supposedly, this is part of a chain, but this location is the original. sooooooooooooo good!!!

Ngoc Suong Saigon, Seafood Restaurant
6 Hoang Viet St.
Tan Binh Dist., HCMC, Vietnam
Tel: 8441951 – 8456771 – 8456772 <-- i think that's 3 different phone numbers, but that how it was on the card

Last Food Adventure in HCMC, for now…

it’s our last night in Ho chi minh city before heading to the northern jungle for 2 weeks, and what do we do? eat, of course!

so we went to a place known for their banh xeo, but also surrounded by like 3 other wannabes. this one is banh xeo 46A, but the others were named along similar lines of banh xeo 48B or something. here’s what we had: nice and crispy banh xeo with fresh veggies, soda chanh, bi coun, goi coun.
crispiest banh xeo ever! bi coun + goi coun this is the "kitchen" Banh Xeo 46A

then after we left EXTREMELY full, we had the bright idea of eating famous crab meat egg rolls somewhere a few blocks away. there’s two of them with the same name next to each other, but again, don’t go to the wannabe. ahhh… the life of wannabe foodies… it’s hard. i know. ^_^* so, the eggrolls were delicious – unlike a lot of places i’ve tried in the US that were chewy after frying with this particular skin, the egg roll skin is nice and crispy and filling very yummy and visible with crab meat.
the real Quan 94 the real Quan 94

sadly, this will probably be the last foodie excursion until i get back to the states. i’ll be cut off from the internet with only use of my cell phone. maybe, that will help me with my internet addiction problem. for the next two weeks, we’ll be in what i call the “jungle” in northern vietnam. no internet, and probably worse tasting food. what is my stomach going to do? until the next exciting foodie excursion! *wave*

Take That Noodle Whore!

Just kidding! But, I thought of him when i had the best banh canh thit heo ever! supposedly this place is where everyone comes for this stuff. check it out. i took a picture of the sign in case you ever come to southern vietnam and want some of this goodness.

the banh canh was nice and chewy and i would’ve slurped up all of the soup if i didn’t have to take a long ride home to the place we’re staying at. i had the banh canh with the extra pig foot. =)

DSC_0077 DSC_0064 DSC_0062 DSC_0065 DSC_0069 DSC_0073

btw. here’s noodles whore’s website –