808 Tapas

808 Tapas East-West Fusion
9350 W Sahara Ave Ste 150
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 485-3433

I believe 808 Tapas has been open a few months, so being likely that all opening kinks have been worked out, hubby and I decided it was time to go. Dear 808 Tapas, you have inspired me to write this Haiku for you.

Blinked and food was here
Staff checked in multiples times
Food was delicious

Yellowtail Victorino Roll Fish Tacos Garlic Chicken Salmon Carpaccio Albacore Twist Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream

Naked Fish are so sexy!

Nah… not really sexy, but oh so dericious! I think this is the place to go for rolls. It’s not smothered with the yum yum sauce but something else ponzu-esque. p.s. although i question the freshness of any fish in vegas, the Toro was almost fantastic. very fatty.

Naked Fish
3945 S Durango Dr, Suite A6
Las Vegas NV 89147

I know. I know… I already blogged about it, but we can always re-visit oldies but goodies with pictures! =)

1. Gyoza – can’t hate the deepfried goodness
2. Red dragon – good ‘ol dragon roll dressed up with some tuna
3. Roppongi – deep fried tempura shrimp with tuna on top and ponzu-esque spicy sauce
4. Soft Shell Crab Salad – deep fried soft shell crab. ’nuff said
5. Hamachi/Yellowtail Collar – standard but good
6. GT-R! – JEE- TEE… ARRRUUUU… ahhahahahahhah…. japapeno, and spicy tuna. oishii!
7. Yellowtail Jalapeno – spicy with yellowtail
8. Ultimate Naked! – Avocado, shrimp, tempura shrimp. nom nom nom!

Dessert @ KONA GRILL!!!
1. ULTIMATE FUDGE BROWNIE – warm cakie giant brownie with a scoop of vanilla icecream. sugar high to the max
2. Banana Pudding – smooth banana pudding with merengue on top (?)

Gyoza Red Dragon Roppongi Soft Shell Crab Salad Hamachi Collar GT-R (gotta say it like you have a Japanese accent) Yellowtail Jalapeno Ultimate Naked Ultimate Fudge Brownie - Kona Grill Banana Pudding - Kona Grill