Tastes like Digiorno

Black Rock Pizza
2855 N McCarran Blvd
Sparks NV 89431

Tastes like Digiorno and I mean that in a bad way.

I’m sorry, Tina. I lied to you big time when I told you that the pizza was good. I didn’t want everyone to feel bad that I actually thought otherwise. Black Rock Pizza had everything going for them with their unique toppings and sauce combinations but upon my one bite to the pizza, my immediate “thin slice” (pardon my pun to the book Blink heheheh) told me that I was eating grocery store bought pizza in a pizza joint! It’s not that I don’t enjoy a good store bought pizza, but I expect to eat that at HOME.

Pizza from black rock pizza

Conclusion: Reminds me of Digiorno in a bad way. 1/5 beeps.

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