dis girl ruvs japanese fooood

man o man… i ate a lot of japanese food this week, but i like it! not complaining.

i totally forgot about my fave hole in the wall ramen place, Yokohama kaigenro. feels like a mom pop type of japanese restaurant. has a lot of the same items as Ichiza would but more homely feel. still delish! already concluded that the ramen is decent enough for a fix here through past visits. but i’d like to highlight the butter corn and kinako warabimochi red bean a la mode during this last visit. (note: i do not recommend getting the tororo bukkake… the soba was cooked right but somehow the gooey topping on top was not fun to eat at all… minus points on that texture experience)

(702) 732-1296
4503 Paradise Road
Las Vegas NV 89109

1. butter corn? need i say more? buttery goodness and crunchy corn…. mmmmmm. do you see the butter?!!! i do!
2. kinako warabimochi red bean a la mode – the dessert was composed of mochi covered with kinako and red bean and a scoop of yummy vanilla icecream

dessert butter corn

Now, a new strip mall gem… but then i guess everything in vegas is either in a strip mall or the casino. not going to get some nice beach view anytime soon unless california breaks off… hahaha

(?? Sayako Kita) Naked Fish’s Sushi and Grill
(702) 228-8856
3945 S Durango Dr, Suite A6
Las Vegas NV 89147

1. soft shell crab salad – holy crap! they gave a lot of soft shell crab!!
2. GTR roll (left in roll picture)- jalapeno slice on top with shrimp tempura and tuna. spicy, tangy, crunchy = two thumbs up!
3. Ultimate Naked Fish (right in roll picture) – spicy tuna, shrimp, avocado on top of a california roll + tempura shrimp. this spicy with sriracha and definitely a weener!
4. fo sizzle my nizzle – you can’t say no to a roll with this name! deep fried jalepeno tempura filled with a bit of cream cheese and some sort of fish spicy goodness. nice crunch to it… just that it had that sweet teriyaki sauce that many other rolls share in common. but the spiciness was bomb diggity!

soft shell crab salad sushi rolls fo sizzle my nizzle

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