Top Deep Fried Goodies (The salty version)

Deep fried goodness (Salty Version)
and here goes another hungry fantasy….

Cajun fries from Hot & Juicy Crawfish
McDonald’s Fries
InNOut Fries
Garlic Fries
Seasoned Fries with a ton of extra seasoning from Red Robin
Fried Cheese Kurds from LBS
Salt & Pepper Crab from R&G
Deep Fried Oysters from R&G
Cha Gio served freshly fried and straight from the streets of Vietnam
Crispy fresh Banh Xeo rolled with all the fresh veggies and herbs
Onions Rings from Pink’s Hot Dog’s in Hollywood
Fried Chicken Monday Nights at Ad Hoc
Hot Wings from KFC
Salt & Pepper Shrimp

Deep fried (salty) things that I’ve heard of and want to try:
Deep fried butter
Deep fried pickles
Chicken fried steak from the south or midwest
Deep fried bacon

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